Житомирські Вертикалі

Zhytomyr Verticals

The trail race "Zhytomyr Verticals" is this autumn trail race, which takes place in the picturesque area of ​​the city of Zhytomyr on the banks of the Teteriv River and has a rather exciting and interesting running route

Information about the race


His story trail race in Zhytomyr started in 2018. The first edition of these competitions included two distances of 25 kilometers (main) and 7.4 kilometers (auxiliary).

житомирські вертикалі медаль

In the second edition of the trail race in 2019, the organizers made changes to the running event, namely, they changed the distances, the main one was reduced to 21 kilometers, the satellite distance of 7.4 kilometers increased to 8 kilometers. Every athlete who plans to participate in these competitions must complete online registration. At the same time, it is necessary to enter personal data and pay a registration fee of approximately 400 hryvnias. The final amount depends on the date of registration and the selected distance. 


Main route trail race "Zhytomyr Verticals" has a length of 21 kilometers and consists of two circles of 10 kilometers and more each. At the same time, the height gain on the distance is 1000 meters. As for the 8-kilometer satellite race, it has an elevation gain of up to 250 meters.

Маршрут трейла "Житомирські вертикалі"

The route of the trail runs completely off-road along the paths of the local forest and field roads. Therefore, every athlete can not only enjoy the competitions themselves, but also spend time in nature, admiring the surrounding landscapes. At the same time, the route is well marked and has several points of hydration and nutrition.