Дикі забіги серії "Wild"

Wild races of the "Wild" series

In February, actively sought interesting trail race, how you could start your running season. It was then that I was lucky enough to meet in person running trail series "Wild". He became the first trailer of the series in which he took part winter race “Wild North Way”. In addition to this trail, the series includes two more races, held in spring and autumn, and have distances from 7 to 50 kilometers.

The "Wild" trail series is designed specifically for avid runners to test their strength and skills in challenging and extreme conditions, running through fields and swamps, on sand or snow, on forest or mountain trails.

  • Venue: Konche-Zaspa (Ukraine)
  • Organizer: SC "North"
  • Type: trail race
  • Distance: 24 and 12 kilometers
  • Time: February

The first in the "Wild" trail series is the trail “Wild North Way”. It is held in Konche-Zaspa, near Kyiv in February. The trail race has an interesting route that passes through the nearby swamps and fields, but sometimes there are sections of asphalt road.

During the race you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and winter landscapes, making the trail very interesting and exciting. Also race "Wild North Way” is a great opportunity not only to have a good start to the running season, but also to test your strength and endurance on the winter trail distance.

  • Venue: Vyshhorod (Ukraine)
  • Organizer: SC "North"
  • Type: trail race
  • Distance: 15 and 7 kilometers
  • Time: March

“Wild Top Trail” - this is the best opportunity to meet spring wildly, because this one trail race was created for this purpose. It is held in the city of Vyshgorod in one of the beautiful floodplains and green areas. Get the most out of running on rough terrain you can choose one of two distances: 15 or 7 kilometers.

  • Venue: Oleshkiv Sands (Ukraine)
  • Organizer: SC "North"
  • Type: trail race
  • Distance: 50, 20 and 10 kilometers
  • Time: September

Trail race "Wild Desert Ultratrail”- this is exactly what allows you to test your strength, running through the desert. This extraordinary trail is being held on the territory of Oleshkiv Sands - this sand massif is the second largest in Europe. The runner has the opportunity to test his endurance at distances of 50, 20 and 10 kilometers.

Among the "Wild" series, this trail is the longest and probably one of the most interesting due to the fact that it is held on the territory of the sand massif. Here everyone will gain an incredible new experience and vivid emotions. "Wild Desert Ultratrail" will be a great opportunity for those who have long dreamed of running on the sand and get new impressions of running.