Останній забіг перед карантином - "Wild Top Trail"

The last race before the quarantine - "Wild Top Trail"

Trail race “Wild North Way”that I ran last year, became for me the first acquaintance with a trail running series of Ukraine under the name “Wild”. This year I decided to continue to get acquainted with this series, taking part in another trail of the series, namely in “Wild Top Trail”, which is the second trail of the running series "Wild". “Wild Top Trail” is a spring trail race with a total distance of 17 kilometers, held in Vyshhorod. This interested me even more, because it is in Vyshgorod that such well-known running events are held as New Year's half marathon "Yole", and night marathon “Night Marathon Fest”.


On the website vseprobegi.org registration for participation in the "Wild Top Trail". During registration, you can choose the optimal distance for yourself - 17 or 8 kilometers. The cost of participation depends on the chosen distance: for 17 kilometers the price of the contribution is 550 hryvnias, and for 8 kilometers - 500 hryvnias. The general route of a trail race passes through two circles, each of which is 8 kilometers. Also, each circle has a set height of up to 300 m ..


In the new running season, the “Wild Top Trail” trail was to open the trail part of the running season. That is why I chose the main distance for myself, namely 17 kilometers. But because he planned his running calendar last year, the events that took place in early 2020 have changed him significantly. Coronavirus epidemic and the introduction of quarantine ruined the main plans for the new running season.

Of the six planned running events to be held in March and April, the best times have been postponed. And the "Wild Top Trail" was almost the only running event held just before the introduction of strict quarantine restrictions in Ukraine.

The start of the "Wild Top Trail" was scheduled for Saturday. In the morning before the trail I was waiting for a trip to the town of Vyshhorod, already familiar from past races. The launch pad is located on the waterfront, namely on the territory of one of the beach clubs called "Seal". Starting numbers and chips were distributed in the starting town, as well as convenient changing cabins and storage rooms for things were installed.

The organizers of the trail "Wild Top Trail" have prepared for runners an interesting and exciting route that ran through the hills near the Vyshgorod embankment. My chosen distance of 17 kilometers had a total altitude of 600 m..

The most interesting running event on Saturday was to start at 12:00, when the organizers had to start the countdown for the participants of the trail race "Wild Top Trail". Runners gathered near the starting area, which was placed at the entrance to the beach club. After the start, all participants went on a cross-country race conquering trail route.

The trail route turned out to be quite interesting for me because it had a large number of different ascents and descents. The organizers of the trail race made it so that the runners almost immediately had the opportunity to get acquainted with the climbs that will be waiting for the next. Therefore, about 300 m later we met one of the first ascents. This was followed by a rather fascinating stretch of road, which ran through the surrounding small forests and fields. The Vyshhorod hills impressed with the beauty of the picturesque hills, with their ascents and descents.

After admiring the scenery, the path turned into an asphalt road, at the end of which was a point of hydration and nutrition. Then the runners were again waiting for afforestation. At the end of each round, the participants had to run along the path from which they opened a lot beautiful landscapes to the Kyiv reservoir. At the end of this trail was quite a steep descent, and then another point of hydration.

The finish area, as well as the starting point, was placed on the same embankment.


The Wild Top Trail was organized at a fairly high level, like its winter predecessor "Wild North Trail“. The organizers of the running event and volunteers did their best - the route was interesting and well marked, the food stations were in place.

The "Wild Top Trail" route turned out to be very exciting for me. I was pleased with the steep descents and ascents, the paths that went through the forest plantation, jogging through the surrounding fields and hills, which offered unsurpassed views of the Kyiv reservoir.