Wild Top Trail

Wild Top Trail

If you are looking for more than just trail race, in which you could test your own strength and endurance, but also a great atmosphere and cool company, then you should definitely take part in the "Wild Top Trail" and in the wild trail series "Wild".

Information about the race


“Wild Top Trail” – an annual trail race held in March in the city of Vyshhorod, Kyiv region. He involves the completion of several distances to choose from: 8.4 kilometers with an ascent of 300 meters and 17 kilometers with an ascent of 600 meters. The main goal of the competition is to popularize a healthy lifestyle and active recreation, as well as running sports, in particular trail running, expanding friendly ties between various domestic sports clubs and organizations.


Trail route runs through a hilly green area with wonderful natural landscapes in the area of Bald Mountain. The surface of the track is dirt. The main distance of 17 kilometers consists of two laps, and 8.4 kilometers - one, respectively. On trail race route numerous hydration points are provided, as well as constantly present doctors, security, volunteers, etc.

маршрут wild top trail

The track has good markings, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the organization and your safety.