По лісам по полям - "Wild North Way"

In the woods in the fields - "Wild North Way"

The moment I learned about winter trail race “Wild North Way”, he immediately interested me. This is one of the few Ukrainian trailsheld in the winter, which I wanted to open a new running season. The distance of this race is short - only 20 kilometers, but it did not stop me. In addition, the organizers of the running event made a gift to the runners - in a couple of weeks the route was increased by 4 kilometers. Thanks to this, "Wild North Way" became even more interesting: last summer in Trukhanov Island I had already run a 25 km long track, so this fact did not upset me at all. In addition, the trail race "Wild North Way" is included trail series "Wild", and at the same time decided to start his acquaintance with this running series.

They have already been in my running practice winter trails, a year ago in December I participated in “Win Ternopil Trail”, where the route passed through ordinary terrain. Also the day before the "Wild North Way" unplanned took part in a small race “Winter Cross”, where he ran 12 kilometers. "Wild North Way" and "Winter Cross” gave me a good opportunity to try my hand, because in two days I managed to cover as much as 36 kilometers. And it was a new experience for me, thanks to which the interest in winter races only increased.

That's why I resumed training in January, because I needed to get back in good shape after the New Year holidays.


The registration process for the "Wild North Way" was normal and took place on the website vseprobegi.org. Participants had the opportunity to choose one of two distances - 12 and 24 kilometers. Starting packages were issued the day before the race, as well as a few hours before the start of the running event.


The starting town was located in Koncha-Zaspa near the House of Culture. It was possible to get there by minibus in the direction of Obukhov from the metro station "Vyrlytsia". I arrived at the race venue at 9 o'clock, but the start was scheduled for 12 o'clock. I spent my free time admiring the beauty of the local forest.


Participants of the 12 and 24 kilometers started at the same time. The route for the main distance of 24 kilometers consisted of two laps of 12 kilometers each. Among the features of the main distance of the trail, which could have alarmed the participants, was that the participants had to overcome the second part of the trail in the opposite direction.

They started and all runners went to meet the adventures. The first 8 miles of the trail were very good for me - I ran them in 1 hour and 28 minutes. The day before during the trail “Salomon Wint Cross” для подолання такої самої дистанції мені знадобилося на 16 хвилин більше.

What made me happy was the route that passed through the forest, as well as circling the surrounding swamps and fields. In Koncha-Zaspa itself, the section of the route was asphalted. Due to the picturesque nature during the run, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery, but the swamp had to help your feet a little. Two 6 and 8-mile hydration stations were installed on the route. On which it was possible to quench thirst and be supported by various fruits.

Everything would be fine if, after the first lap, he didn't run exactly where he should - he ran to the finish line for those who ran a distance of 12 kilometers. Quickly figuring out what to do, he returned to his route and ran a new circle.

The second round of the winter trail was much harder for me. About 9 miles away, fatigue after the previous trail made itself felt. I no longer wanted to run further, even the beautiful scenery did not motivate me to continue to the finish line. My legs stopped obeying, and I had one wish in my head - to finish it all sooner. Slowly and admiring the beauty of nature, I gradually reached the hydration point, which was waiting for me for 18 kilometers. I stayed there for about 15 minutes - I had to regain strength, in which I was helped by fruit, cookies, and water. It was the most delicious treat after 18 kilometers of swamps and fields.

It seemed that he was running the last kilometers with all his might. I crossed the finish line, which I dreamed of the last 5 kilometers of the route, 3 hours 21 minutes after the start. There I was treated to a cup of hot fragrant tea.

Already after the finish, I was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness, because in just two days I managed to run two trails for 12 and 24 kilometers. This feeling became even stronger from the realization that for the next few days I would not have to run anywhere and it would be possible to have a good rest.


Participation in the winter trail "Wild North Way” brought me a lot of positive impressions and emotions. During the trail I had a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the winter forest, run through the snowy swamps and fields. But this is not to mention the real test of their own strength on the winter trail distance of 24 kilometers across the terrain.