Polmaraton Wiazowski

Half Marathon Wiazowski

Half marathon "Half Marathon Wiazowski" - this is the oldest long-distance running competition, which takes place in Poland in the winter-spring period. Half marathon in Wiazowski opens the running season in road races in Poland.

Information about the race


The Wiazowski Half Marathon was founded back in 1981. Then the organizer of the first competition was a branch of the Warsaw resorts "Wistula" in conjunction with the district council LZS in the town of Wiazowna. The second half marathon in 1982 was a real test, as it took place immediately after the imposition of martial law in the country. In general, the fate of the second competition was in great question, but the organizers still persuaded the local authorities to give permission for them. 

Today in the framework of "Half Marathon Wiazowski” is not only a race for a distance of 21 kilometers, but also for a distance of 5 kilometers. The half marathon in Wiazowna is distinguished by a quality organization, which is improving every year and getting better and better. Since the first race, the registration system has changed (it has become online), infrastructure, graphical visualization of mileage, starter packs and food. The main advantage of the half marathon in Wiazowna is the unsurpassed atmosphere that prevails during the race. For many, they are a combination of a family picnic with a professionally trained race, which is not the case in other half marathons. 


The half marathon route in Wiazowna is a well-paved route with height differences of up to 30 meters, which runs from the center of the town of Wiazowna and further through the picturesque forests and fields to Hlynianka. Then the route returns back through Penzlin and ends at the starting point. Well-equipped hydration points, medical staff and security are present throughout the distance. Each participant also receives souvenirs and medals.