Який ти бігун?

What kind of runner are you?

Today I offer you some unusual content for my blog, some irony and humor. It is about determining which type of runner you are: a hedonist, a pedant, a neurasthenic or a phlegmatic. I got a mixture of phlegmatic, pedantic and hedonist, which fully corresponds to my character. So, meet: hedonists, pedants, neurasthenics and phlegmatics...

який ти бігун


A hedonist is a desperate athlete who completely devotes himself to sports, does not pay attention to the level of his fatigue, he is always ready to train and train until he loses his strength. Thus, he spends his energy irrationally and sometimes even harms his own health.


They, unlike hedonists, carefully plan their schedule, both training and competitions. They have everything clearly laid out and going according to plan, they will never deviate from it under any circumstances. This also applies to pre-selected running pace. It is unacceptable for them to deviate from their schedule. Missing a run is like death. At each competition, pedants carefully record their indicators. And they forgot the last time they ate something sweet)….

Obsessive neurasthenics

Neurasthenics are pedants in the past who are now even more fanatical about their training. They record absolutely all their indicators with the accuracy of a fraction of a second, always worry too much if they have to miss a run. This type of runners constantly takes participation in competitions, but never achieved a result that would completely satisfy them. Work to exhaustion is about them. With this attitude, you can easily get injured.


Run, having a goal in mind, constantly looking at the clock is not about the phlegmatic. Phlegmatics run only when they feel like it. They live in one moment, enjoy nature and life in general. They never worry about anything, the result is not so important to them. Phlegmatic people generally do not like to compete.

Now tell me, who are you?