Warsaw Half Marathon

Warsaw Half Marathon

Warsaw Half Marathon (Warsaw Half Marathon) - the most popular race in Poland and Eastern Europe, the status of World Athletics Silver Label Road Races - a prestigious international classification of mass sports. In the penultimate competition held in 2019, almost 13,000 participants took part in the distance. This half marathon is part of a running series "Crown of Polish half marathons" together with similar competitions in Gdynia (Gdynia Half Marathon), Poznan (PKO Poznan Half Marathon), Wroclaw (Wroclaw Night Half Marathon) and Bialystok (PKO Bialystok Half Marathon).

The length of the route is traditional for the half marathon - 21.0975 kilometers. The route is certified PZLA (Polski Związek Lekkiej Atletyki, Polish Athletics Association) and IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations, International Association of Athletics Federations). The limit for 21 kilometers is 3 hours 30 minutes, in addition there is a limit for which you need to cover a distance of 10 kilometers - 1 hour 45 minutes. Only those who have turned 18 on the day of the start are allowed to participate in the competition.

Information about the race


The first "Warsaw Half Marathon" took place in March 2006. Then almost 1,200 runners took part in the competition. And next year there were already 1,700 people willing to join the race, and they represented 24 countries. In general, this half marathon can be called truly international: since the first competition, people from many countries have come to run.

2013 became a new starting point for the "Warsaw Half Marathon". That year, the number of participants for the first time exceeded 10,000. The race of 2019 became the most massive with a record number of participants - 12,761.


Route Warsaw Half Marathon runs through the streets of the Polish capital and is one circle. The route crosses the Vistula River on two bridges - Most Gdański and Świętokrzyski. Participants start in waves. Starting point - near the park named after Romualda Traugutta (Park Romualda Traugutta). The finish line of the Warsaw Half Marathon is located near the Multimedia Fountain Park.

At the start and finish of the half marathon for runners there are points where you can get medical help. Before and after the race, locker rooms are available for participants, at the start there are lockers, stickers for which are issued together with the starter pack. There are 4 food outlets along the route of the half marathon. They are located approximately every 4 kilometers. At the finish there is a regeneration point with food and water.

The route itself is uniform, well chosen for fast running. Its peculiarity is that it is very picturesque because it runs central streets of Warsaw and runs close to many historic sites. At the final section of the route is its highlight - the longest underground car tunnel in Poland, which descends underground to a depth of about 1 kilometer.