Віртуальні забіги, які дозволять подорожувати

Virtual races that will allow you to travel

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the plans of everyone, including athletes who run. All were canceled or postponed running events, which were supposed to take place in the spring. In the situation of quarantine and the prohibition of large gatherings of people, special attention is drawn to such formats of races as virtual or online.

They were invented earlier, long before the coronavirus epidemic. Namely for those runners who do not have the opportunity to go to a competition in another city or country. This is a real run (or several runs) that can be completed anywhere and in any time! It is only necessary to choose a distance and register for a running event.

After registration, the participant receives his starting number. A certain period of time is allocated to overcome the established distance - a week or a month, etc. Everyone chooses any convenient day and time during which he will run. The place does not matter: it can even be an ordinary street or a jogging track, for example.

On the Internet now you can find a large number virtual races, but most of them, in my opinion, are quite primitive. But I still found such online competitions that, at least virtually, took me to interesting locations. Among them, I would like to single out the following:

About the project:

The website presents a huge number of types of online races of different types and at different distances. Moreover, each of them is certain virtual adventure and it has its own interesting location. For example, being at home, you can take part in online race, which takes place in Cambodia or Peru, in Greece or in France. For this, participants receive commemorative awards, medals, which are distinguished by a bright design and are really worth your efforts. The cost of participating in one of these running tests starts at 28 $. Registration takes place on the project website. If you wish, you can participate alone or together with friends, connect various mobile applications to record your own results or do it yourself.

About the project:

This is another one project of virtual races, which was launched in 2014. He will let you run around Europe, Australia or the USA. Now to Runs Of The World includes 5 virtual races in different cities or countries of the world, which you may never be able to enter. The project was created to popularize running sports, as well as increase motivation, inspiration, etc. With its help, you can not only play sports and keep yourself in excellent physical shape, but also explore the world. Registration takes place at website of the running project. The cost of participation starts at 30 $.

About the project:

Virtual race for lovers of Disney fairy tales. In order to take part in it, you need to register on the project website. Next, online races in theme parks, fabulous medals and prizes await you. You can run alone or with friends who also want to experience it magic of the world Disney.