Vinnytsia Half Marathon

Vinnytsia Half Marathon

Vinnytsia Half Marathon" is an annual race of 21.097 kilometers, which takes place in Vinnytsia in August, starting from 2018. As part of the competition, there is not only a half-marathon race, but also a 10-kilometer race.

Information about the race


History Vinnytsia Half Marathon began in 2018, when the participants of the half-marathon ran through the streets of the city for the first time. Half marathon in Vinnytsia is a good opportunity not only to test your own strength and level of training, but also to see and get to know the history of the city of Vinnytsia, meet many like-minded people and sports fans, and exchange valuable experience with them.


Half marathon route is a well-paved road that passes through the central streets of the heart of the Podilsk region - the city of Vinnytsia. It is circular, that is, the start and finish are at the same point - near the Central City Park and Pirogov Street. Half-marathon participants must complete 2 laps.

vinnytsia half marathon

There are 7 refreshment and hydration stations on the course, where athletes can replenish drinking water supplies or refuel with fresh fruit, isotonic drinks, etc. The route includes several ups and downs, one of which is long, in particular the finish line.