Varna Marathon

Varna Marathon

“Varna Marathon” - is an annual marathon race held in May in Varna, Bulgaria. The program of the competition also includes races of 21 (half marathon) and 10.5 kilometers.

Information about the race


Marathon in Varna is a sporting event that aims not only to popularize running sports and active recreation, but also to raise the country's most pressing social issues. For example, for a year now, the organizers of the competition have been supporting the environment and promoting the reduction of plastic use, as well as supporting the consumption of only purified water. Registration for the marathon is held in the traditional way for such competitions - online on the official website of the sporting event. Here you need to leave your personal data and pay the registration fee. The amount depends on the chosen discipline and the date of registration. You can also take part in late registration offline, i.e. at the marathon information center immediately before the start of the competition and subject to availability. By the end of the marathon each participant receives commemorative medals of unique design, diplomas, and souvenirs.


The route of the marathon in Varna is a well-paved track that runs through the central streets of Varna and the Seaside Garden. It consists of 4 laps of 10.5 kilometers each. The start and finish are located at the same point - on Independence Square near the fountain.

варна марафон маршрут

The organizers of the marathon provided several hydration and food stations, the constant presence of doctors and volunteers on the course, and took care of good markings. Participation in the marathon in Varna is not only a good opportunity to test your strength at this distance, to communicate with like-minded people, but also to get to know the city, its history, enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and architecture, and, in general, Bulgarian culture and hospitality.