Uzhhorod Half Marathon

Uzhhorod Half Marathon

“Uzhhorod Half Marathon” - is an annual half-marathon race that takes place in Uzhhorod. Everyone who wants to take part in the competition must submit their application online

Information about the race


History half marathon in Uzhhorod began in 2018. While the first two editions took place in the fall, in subsequent years the organizers decided to hold the competition in the spring during the cherry blossom season (mid-April). In addition to the 21-kilometer race (the main course), the program also includes a 10-kilometer race.


Half marathon route Uzhhorod Half Marathon" runs along a well-paved route that passes through the center of Uzhhorod (starting near the Owl's Nest) and its ancient streets, across the transport bridge, along the embankments, etc.

маршрут uzhhorod half marathon

The course is well marked and has several hydration and food stations. The race is constantly attended by medics, security guards, and volunteers who help participants with information or in other ways.