Корисні книги для бігунів

Useful books for runners

About running there are many different books, which can be roughly divided into two types, motivational and philosophical. In the first, the authors usually tell how they got into sports, how running helped or changed their lives. These books are mainly autobiographical, where the authors share their own life experiences and most importantly inspire the reader start running. Philosophical books about running generally focus on the process of training and preparation for competitions. Their authors use their example to tell how they train to achieve high results. In this article, I decided to pay attention to exactly such books.

Logging with Lydiard

Біг з Лід’ярдом

This book, authored by New Zealand coach Arthur Lidyard, who has devoted his life to popularizing healthy running, is considered a kind of Bible for runners. It is laid out in it philosophy of running jogging Here you can find all the necessary information for both beginners and experienced athletes who want to learn something new for themselves. The author tells, for example, what the position of the hands should be during training, about the runner's nutrition, running technique, types of training programs, biochemical processes that are triggered in the body during running, etc. In this book you can find answers to many different questions. Arthur Lidyard wrote this book in two days!!! and decided to make it free.

80/20 running

Біг по правилу 80/20

The author of this book, Matt Fitzgerald, in his book suggests considering a special approach to the training process, which, in his opinion, brings high results and is very effective. Here is revealed the secret of competition preparation elite athletes use the 80/20 rule. Its essence is that train more slowly, to compete faster. That is, 80 percent of the training time should be run with light intensity, and the remaining 20 percent - with medium and high intensity. Matt Fitzgerald also provides compelling evidence that this approach really works and offers practical advice on how to follow the 80/20 rule and build your training schedule.

Run your best marathon ever

Пробіжи свій кращий марафон

In this book there is a story about preparation for starts and achieving running-related goals. In it, the author Maksym Kryvenko reveals his approach to running, as a lifestyle, and pays great attention to training, based on his own experience, gives useful advice on how to achieve better results in sports.

Daniels' Running Formula

Від 800 метрів до марафону

The author of this book is Jack Daniels, a man who was named the best running coach by the world famous magazine "Runner's World". In essence, his book is a ready-made program for preparing an athlete for races. Beginner runners it will explain the essence of biochemical and physiological processes in the body during running, will help develop the correct training program. The book will help experienced athletes to analyze their own mistakes and improve their results in middle and long distance running.

Everyone can run. Train with a champion!

Бігати кожен може. Тренуйтеся з чемпіоном!

Marcin Urbas, the author of this book, is the European champion in 200 meters. He tried to make this book interesting for both novice and experienced runners lovers of running, who are already training, but want to improve their technique and achieve better results in it. The author pays great attention to the following aspects in running:

Ultra. You will run further than you think

Ultra. You will run further than you think

The authors of this book are Violeta Domaradzki and Robert Zakrzewski, a couple of vegan ultramarathoners who founded the Run Vegan Foundation, organized the Vegan Race and the Gorce Ultra-Trail. These are the most famous Polish ones ultra runners, who in the book share their own experience and give tips young athletes. In the book, you will also find advice from other runners, such as Patrytsia Bereznovska, Dominika Stelmach, Eva Mayer, Bartosz Horchytsa, as well as experts in the field of cardiology, orthopedics and psychology. The book is divided into 12 chapters, which correspond to one month of the year, and each chapter reveals one of the aspects of preparation and practice.

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Харчування в спорті на витривалість

As you know, nutrition for athletes, and even more runners, plays an important role. The author of the book talks about exactly this and gives advice on how to eat properly for those who do endurance sports, running, triathlon, swimming. The author of the book is a specialist in general and sports nutrition. Here she clearly and easily explains the principles of nutrition, taking into account the characteristics of various sports.

Eat right, run fast

Їж правильно, біжи швидко

This book will be of interest to everyone who is somehow related to sports. The author of the book, Scott Jurek, is one of the most successful ultramarathoners in the world. First of all, he tells what it is daily run, how to run 100 kilometers on the highway, and most importantly, the book contains a huge number of different plant-based recipes that will be useful for vegetarian or vegan athletes.

Why do we run?

Bernd Heinrich, the author of this book, is a professor of biology, the holder of several US records in marathon races, physiologist, specialist in thermoregulation and physical exercises. In his book he thinking about running, as a scientist in the field of natural sciences, talks about his participation in a 100-kilometer race, which was the beginning of his ultramarathon career, and also draws parallels between man and the animal world.