Той, що біжить без сну.  Одкровення  сверхмарафонця

Ultramarathon Man: Confessionsofan All - Night Runner

"Ultramarathon Man: Confessionsofan All – Night Runner" is authored by legendary Dean Karnazes ultramarathon running. This athlete ran 50 marathons in 50 states, and also took part in the most difficult race in the world - "Bedwater" in Death Valley, covering 217 kilometers in the heat of about 50 degrees Celsius in 27 hours and 22 minutes.

dean karnazes

Dean Karnazes also participated in legendary race "Western States 100", which is a 100-mile race with a lot of elevation gain, the 199-mile self-paced relay, the "Spartathlon", a 156-mile race from Athens to Sparta.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Dean is actually a journalist for "Men's Health" and the author of several books.


In his book, the author talks about the fact that there are people who are called ultramarathons. Who are they? This is a small unofficial group of real runners, real fans of running, for whom the marathon distance is just a warm-up, because they run races of 80 or 160 kilometers. It's even hard to imagine running for a day or more without sleep, only occasionally stopping to eat, drink or use the toilet. Ultramarathoners run through Death Valley in the height of summer, up and down mountains, at the South Pole, pushing their body, mind and spirit to do incredible things that the average person considers beyond the limits of pain and strain.

Ultramarathon Man: Confessionsofan All - Night Runner

The author is one of the few who runs even more than 160 kilometers without rest, and therefore is a super ultramarathoner or just crazy, as some believe. When people find out that Dean ran 100 miles in one go, they always ask me two questions: "How does he do it?" and "Why does he do that?". It is difficult for the author to answer precisely the last question. Because it is difficult to define the word "addiction", if he has it, then it is exactly that. Here, Dean gives the example of George Mallory, a member of the first expeditions to Everest. He was once asked why he wanted to climb to the top of the mountain. His answer was interesting and short: "Because it exists." Dean Karnazes, like this statement, answers the question of why he runs such incredible distances at night, because simply "he can do it."

Impressions from the book

The book "He who runs without sleep" left behind only pleasant impressions and emotions, it says that nothing in this life is impossible, the main thing is to believe in yourself and go forward to your goal. The human body and organism has a huge resource and capabilities, the main desire.

Key quotes:

Life is a journey in the cemetery, but you don't need to try to get there unharmed, in a beautiful and well-preserved body, on the contrary, you need to come there with a roar, completely exhausted, and shout loudly: “Wow! That was an adventure!"

if it is easy for you, then no effort is needed and you are not trying with all your might. It must hurt like hell.

Running helped for me to understand that the movement towards the object of desire means much more than the object itself. Immerse yourself in something completely, devote yourself to things with all your soul, constantly improve, never give up - this is self-realization, this is success.

Running is the way to find inner peace, as well as a life lived with dignity. "Run with your heart," he told me.

While you can - run, if necessary - take a step, if you can't walk - crawl, most importantly - don't give up.

During a period when my life was empty, I took up running to find strength.

Dreams do come true, I told them, especially if you practice a lot

a man's wealth is measured by what he can achieve without it.

Pain is the body's way of overcoming weakness.

Most runners are able to look at their hobby wisely and train responsibly. I could not and became a fanatic.

The theory was simple: victory would go to the one who would run with all his might, train longer everyone and endure to the last

I run because running always gets me where I want to go

Long distance running is my way of finding peace. The solitude I find myself in while running helps me enjoy people more when I'm with them

When people ask me why I run such incredible distances all night long, I often want to answer something like: "Because I can."

sport is for those who cannot drink and use drugs

I run because it takes too long to walk, and I still want to do something in this life.

I also like solitude. Long distance running - the sport of singles, and I came to terms with the fact that I like to be alone for a long time.

Happiness cannot be measured in money. My job allowed me to pay the bills, and running is a passion, a strong passion.

Now I understand: just as other people strive for physical comfort, abundance and a happy life, I strive beyond my capabilities

I run along the white line on the highway to hell