Kyiv Ultramarathon

Kyiv Ultramarathon

Ultramarathons or more than 42 kilometers of races are quite popular around the world, including Europe, and Kyiv is one of the few cities that has its own ultramarathon, “Kyiv Ultramarathon”, organized by running community Ukraine's "Top Runners". Ultramarathon in Kyiv is a unique opportunity for each athlete to test their strength and endurance over long distances, as well as to set their own or national records. In addition, participation in the Kyiv Ultramarathon allows you to get official results and qualify for other competitions, including international ultra-races.

Information about the race


Every June, starting in 2018, the Kyiv Ultramarathon will start on Trukhanov Island in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. "Kyiv Ultramarathon" is distinguished, first of all, by the high quality of its organization. Athletes over the age of 18 are allowed to compete. Each of them is insured against an accident. Registration takes place online, which is very convenient and allows you to easily declare their participation to athletes from other cities of Ukraine.

For start-up groups there is a starting and finishing town for rest. The start of the main distance (100 kilometers) and the satellites of the ultramarathon is held separately. If you are serious about running, you are probably trying to reach such a level of preparation to take part in the ultramarathon. The "Kyiv Ultramarathon" is perhaps the only opportunity to do so in Ukraine, without leaving the country.  


Маршрут ультрамарафона "Kyiv Ultramarathon"

Within the framework of the Kyiv ultramarathon there are also competitions on such distances as 100, 50 and 25 kilometers, two team relay races on 100 and 50 kilometers. The route is well paved and quite comfortable with small differences in height route along the territory of Trukhanov Island. On each circle with marks of 5 and 8 kilometers there are hydration and nutrition points for athletes, locker rooms and storage rooms, medical workers and security guards are present along the entire distance. Each participant receives commemorative awards (medals) and souvenirs.