Ukrainian Majors Running League

Ukrainian Majors Running League

....The Black Sea will still smile, grandfather Dnipro will rejoice.... .... He will fight for the Carpathians, he will sound the steppes....

Ukrainian Majors Running League” or the League of Ukrainian Majors is a running league that unites a number of half marathons in different cities of Ukraine and the Kyiv Marathon.

Міста учасники бігової ліги "Ukrainian Majors Running League"

The history of the running league dates back to 2010 when the "Run Ukraine" running league was founded. At that time, it consisted of 5 half marathons (Kyiv Half Marathon, Dnipro Half Marathon, Lviv Half Marathon, Zaporizhzhia Half Marathon and Odesa Half Marathon) and one marathon (Kyiv Marathon).

In 2020, "Run Ukraine" transformed into a running league “Ukrainian Majors Running League”, which included the largest running events in Ukraine, namely:

In order to finish the "Ukrainian Majors Running League", you need to take part in all the races included in it in one season. Based on the results of each race, athletes receive a certain number of points, which then give them the opportunity to compete for additional prizes in the following nominations at the end of the season:

All those who complete all the races will receive a unique finisher's medal from the "Ukrainian Majors Running League".

Медаль бігової ліги "Ukrainian Majors Running League"

There is also a cashback system in place, which involves the accumulation of points that each participant receives when registering for the race. These points can then be used for subsequent registrations or to purchase souvenirs. In addition, there is a package registration for participation in all races, which gives runners a significant discount.