Трейл "Трипілля - Шари Часу"

Trail "Trypillia - Layers of Time"

Trail race "Trypillia - Layers of Time" - is an annual trail race that takes place in the village of Vytachiv, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region, at the end of October. The running event is designed for running enthusiasts who are not only fond of sports but also interested in the history of Ukraine. The main goal running event - is to introduce and promote Trypillian culture and support the historical values of Ukraine.

Information about the race


Everyone who wants to take part in the trail race "Trypillia - Layers of Time" has the opportunity to apply on the official website trail race or on the official Facebook page of the sporting event. The final amount of the entry fee depends on the date of registration and the chosen distance. Upon completion of the trail, athletes receive commemorative medals, diplomas and prizes, as well as a lot of incredible impressions of the beauty of the surrounding nature and new knowledge about the history of Ukraine. The programme of the running event includes two types of races: 27 kilometres with an altitude gain of 500 metres and 12 kilometres with an altitude gain of up to 100 metres.


Trail race route runs over rough terrain, hills and field roads. The track surface is mostly dirt, sometimes there are sections of asphalt, marshland, etc. The trail race route is well marked. During the competition, there are numerous volunteers and doctors who are ready to help the athletes in case of any problems.

маршрут трейлового забігу трипілля шари часу

The organisers of the sporting event invite participants to visit the V. Khvoyko Museum, a unique lake located at an altitude of over 100 metres, see the defence line, which is perfectly preserved to this day, visit the height of the Prince's Spire (Mount Krasukha) in the village of Vitachiv, and the oak grove, among other interesting historical monuments worth seeing.