"Trasy Zdrowia" від страхової "PZU"

"Trasy Zdrowia" from the insurance "PZU"

In many countries running competition are held with the support of large companies and enterprises. In previous articles, I have already mentioned the Belgian insurance company "AG", which has its own 10 mile series of races, and Polish Bank "PKO", which sponsors half marathons and marathons in Poland. This time we will talk about another well-known company that also supports running, has interesting projects in the field of health care and promotes an active lifestyle. This is the "PZU" insurance company.

I met her for the first time during “Warsaw Half Marathon”, in which we were lucky enough to take part in 2018. In addition to financing competitions, "PZU" takes part in interesting projects such as "Trasy Zdrowia” and “Health Trail”. In particular, if we talk about "Trasy Zdrowia", this project was launched in 2015. First, a competition was held, where among 154 applications, the jury chose only 30 Polish municipalities with the most interesting ideas. They were implemented later.

"Trasy Zdrowia" is a well-marked and completely safe path of 2 to 3 kilometers long, which can be used not only for running, but also for all active types of recreation. During the route, everyone has the opportunity to use a universal set of educational facilities for exercises of different levels of complexity. 

Another project of this type of company “PZU” – "Health Trail". It mini-health and sports complex, which is equipped with various training facilities that allow people of different ages, social status and physical fitness to spend time actively. It includes 9 training units equipped with special boards with information on how to do the exercises correctly. All devices have certificates issued by the Playground Control Center. Therefore, they are completely safe.

"Trasy Zdrowia" and "Health Trail" projects are areas for sports, education, relaxation and integration of the local community.

In addition, the insurance company "PZU" is a sponsor of races that are regularly held on the territory of Poland, namely: