Тренування зі скакалкою

Training with a jump rope

Jump rope is one of the types of sports equipment that can be used to cardio training at homeYou can do it indoors, outdoors and even in the gym. Jumping rope is a very simple and affordable way to get in shape. In addition, it tones the muscles in your calves and arms, improves heart and lung function, and develop endurance. The most effective exercises with a rope are regular jumps, jumps with a change of legs, and jumps to the side.

стрибки на скакалці

Benefits of jumping

The main advantages of jump rope training include the following:

Types of jumping rope

There are many types of jump rope exercises, but the simplest and most popular are two-legged jumps and jumps with alternating legs.


Contraindications for training with jump ropes

Like any other exercise, jumping rope or so-called skipping has its contraindications. Those who have them should not do it: