Пробіжка сосновим лісом - "Sosnivka Trail"

Running through the pine forest - "Sosnivka Trail"

At the beginning of March, taking part in competitions  “Kagamlyk Trail” , I was introduced to a new running series in the city of Kremenchuk "Kremen Trail League”. After that, we didn't have to wait very long for a new meeting. A new stage of the series was planned for the end of March, which was supposed to take place in a pine forest - “Sosnivka Trail”.


To register for these competitions, you had to leave your application on the official website kremenstyle.com. Here, participants were offered a choice of two races: 10 or 5 kilometers, as well as a team race of 2 x 5 kilometers. In addition, it was necessary to pay the initial fee of 300 UAH..

біговий маршрут Sosnivka Trail

The main one trail race distance "Sosnivka Trail", namely 10 kilometers, consisted of two circles of 5 kilometers each and passed mainly through the territory of a pine forest in one of the districts of the city of Kremenchuk called Mala Kohnivka. It was also possible to meet several sections with an asphalt surface on the course.


I spent another Saturday evening on the train going from Kyiv to Kremenchuk. A very interesting thing was waiting for me there the next day adventure in the pine forest - participation in the second stage of the trail series "Kremen Trail League" called "Sosnivka Trail".

біг по сосновому лісі

Sunday morning began with an interesting walk around the city of Kremenchuk, while I was walking to one of the districts of the city - Malaya Kohnivka. It was here that the organizers of the competition set up the starting site "Sosnivka Trail" and began to issue starting packages to the participants of the trail.

біг в кременчуці

The start of the competition took place at 12.00 after a short briefing and warm-up. Athletes who were supposed to run 5 and 10 kilometers started at the same time. The difference was only that the participants had to overcome two 5-kilometer circles for 10 kilometers.

Sosnivka Trail

As for the "Sosnivka Trail" route, it turned out to be quite interesting: it consisted both of cross-country sections and several high-speed asphalt sections.

And in general, the route of the trail race can be described as follows: the first mile of the trail passed along the paths of the pine forest, then there was a mixed section (fast asphalt surface alternated with forest paths and vice versa), the third mile was also mixed (60% of the track was asphalt and 40% - rugged terrain).

кременчук біг

After the start signal, the main distance of the "Sosnivka Trail" trail, 10 kilometers long, was waiting for me. On the first lap, I got to know the race route, what it is and what to expect from it. If during cross-country running I tried to take my time, on asphalted areas, on the contrary, I accelerated my pace.

Sosnivka Trail біг

So, after I managed the first 3 miles in 26 minutes, after drinking some water at the hydration station, I set off to conquer the second part of the trail race, the next 3 miles that separated me from the finish line. The second half of the competition turned out to be slower for me, and in general I had to spend 56 minutes to conquer the entire distance. In general, I was satisfied with my result.


Trail race "Sosnivka Trail", like its predecessor “Kagamlyk Trail”, had a pretty good organization of the running event and left behind a lot of positives emotions from running and an interesting running route. In addition, it is worth noting that the organizers involve young people in their competitions as volunteers, which is very nice.