Прогулянка Кременецькими горами - "Різдвяний трейл "Щедрик""

A walk through the Kremenets mountains - "Christmas trail" Shchedryk""

Running season 2020 I was planning to start abroad this year, but it was postponed to February, so in January I had the opportunity to attend another race. I decided to choose an interesting option among the Ukrainian winter starts. 

However, the choice was not so diverse - in January in Ukraine there are few running starts. I found three options: two trail races on January 30 ("In Search of Yeti" and "Shchedryk”) and cross-country race "Christmas race", scheduled for January 31. Finally stopped at Christmas trail "Shchedryk", which takes place in the town of Kremenets, Ternopil region.

Winter trail race "Shchedryk" is a fairly new competition on the running map of Ukraine. Every year, this event brings together running enthusiasts who want to run an interesting winter route.


There were no surprises with the usual registration for runners: on the site runstyle.net you had to enter your data and choose the distance. By the way, there were two of them in the trail program for 10 and 20 kilometers.

маршрут трейлового забігу "Щедрик"

Trail race route "Shchedryk" turned out to be quite interesting, as it passed mainly through the Kremenets Mountains and partly through the streets of Kremenets.

The road to the start

The competition was scheduled for Saturday, so I went to Kremenets on Friday night. As there is no direct railway connection from Kyiv, we had to use a bus. Is it worth writing about the "comfort" of this 7-hour trip in cold transport? I think you understand everything yourself. I will say one thing: I mentioned Ukrzaliznytsia at that time with a kind, quiet word.

But if I wasn't there, in the morning I arrived in this northern city of Ternopil region and immediately went in search of the Panorama Leisure Center, where it was located. starting place of the race. I will make a lyrical digression and note that the choice of this location, in my opinion, is very successful. Because there you could not only get a starter pack and change clothes before the start, but also rest from the road before the race.

Towards running adventures

The organizers started the official part of the race with a small briefing. Immediately after it, all participants went in search of adventure in the snowy area Kremenets mountains and other picturesque sections of the route.

There was really something to admire. The route of the Shchedryk trail race consisted of one lap and ran through ordinary terrain with a large number of descents and ascents. During the conquest of the trail route, participants had the opportunity to conquer three small mountain peaks at once: Castle Hill (Bona), Chernecha and Volovytsia. From them beautiful panoramas of the city and vicinities opened. And on Mount Bona, an additional portion of beauty awaited runners - a walk through the ruins of Kremenets Castle.

The trail route was marked quite well. And running them is basically fun, if you do not get lost on the road, as I did. At the next turn between me and the route, as they say, ran a black cat. And when I realized that something went wrong, I immediately started going back and looking for markings. And as soon as I found her, mine running trip It continued through the Kremenets mountains - there were still many ascents and descents ahead of me.

In 2 hours and 39 minutes I crossed the finish line and thus recorded "Shchedryk" Christmas Trail to your running asset.

In the treasury of pleasant memories

The Christmas trail "Shchedryk" has become the competition that you remember with pleasant warmth. Of course, the route of the race plays an important role: snowy trails Kremenets mountains do not leave anyone indifferent. And this is facilitated not only by the beauty of nature in the Ternopil region, but also by the very well-built trail route.

And in general, the organization of the running event made a positive impression on me. Convenient and well-thought-out locations, well-equipped food outlets with delicious tea and various delicacies, care for the comfort of the participants - all this added positive emotions. The race was a success!