Пробіжка кар'єром - "Premier Trail"

Career run - "Premier Trail"

Continuation of my introduction to the trail series “Kremen Trail League” the third stage of the competition called "Premier Trail" took place. In general, it is worth noting that the series itself is interesting because the distance increases by 5 kilometers with each stage. So if my acquaintance with “Kremen Trail League” started with an easy 5-kilometer walk along the shores of Sukhoi Kahamlyk and a 10-kilometer walk along the forest paths of Malaya Kokhanivka, then on the third stage I was awaited by a 15-kilometer walk through the territory of a local quarry called "Premier Trail".


Sign up for this one trail race everyone could, as on the previous trails of the "Kremen Trail League" series, through the official website kremenstyle.com separately for each race (cost 300 hryvnias.. each stage) or by buying a season ticket for the whole trail league for 1000 UAH..

маршрут трейлового забігу Premier Trail

One of two distances awaited the participants of the third stage of the "Kremen Trail League", namely the "Premier Trail": the main - 15 kilometers, consisting of 2 laps, and the satellite distance - 7.5 kilometers (1 lap). Trail race route passed mainly through the territory of the local quarry and partly through the "Studenskyi" park.


Another Sunday morning for me began with a walk through the streets of the already familiar city of Kremenchuk. This time, my path lay to the local park "Studenskyi" and the tennis club "Premier", on the territory of which the starting camp was located and the issuing of starting packages for the participants of the third stage of the "Kremen Trail League" trail series took place.

Premier Trail

The competition started at 12 o'clock in the afternoon after a short warm-up and a briefing from the organizers of the trail. Participants who ran the main distance of 15 kilometers and 7.5 kilometers started at the same time. The difference between them was only in the number of laps that the athletes had to overcome.

трейловий забіг Кременчук

The route of the third stage of the "Kremen Trail League" turned out to be quite interesting. It passed mainly through the territory of a local quarry and partly through a park zone. Therefore, during the run, the athletes could enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes of the park and the quarry. So, after the end of the starting countdown, my acquaintance with the "Premier Trail" trail race began.

біг кременчук

I covered the first half of the route in 45 minutes, during which I saw beautiful locations and places. After recovering my strength at the hydration point, I set out to conquer the second part of the trail race “Premier Trail”. In general, the entire race lasted 1 hour 29 minutes for me and gave me many exciting experiences.


The third stage running series "Kremen Trail League" trail "Premier Trail" was no exception, it, like the previous trails, made a pleasant impression on me with its high-quality organization and interesting and unusual route. By the way, he passed through the territory of a still active quarry.