Прогулянка навколо парку Олександрія - "Тропа над Россю"

Walk around Alexandria Park - "Trail over Rossyu"

Everyone trail races, held in Ukraine, can be divided into urban and mountain. City trails are usually held near all sorts of cities or towns, and mountain trails are usually in the Carpathians. If the city trails often have a distance of up to 42 kilometers, the mountain can boast of ultra-distances. The longest distance I have personally managed to cover is exactly 42 kilometers. Because of this, I am more interested in city races, so I continue to get acquainted with them further.

This time it was waiting for me acquaintance with the trail race named "Trail over Rossyu". I learned about him last year while participating in the autumn trail “Village Trail”. Both running activities are held in the vicinity of Bila Tserkva and pass through the terrain.

Another feature of the trail "Trail over Rossyu” is that this running event is the oldest of all the trails held in Bila Tserkva. The oldest mention of this race, which I managed to find on the Internet, dates back to 2012. "Trail over Russia" is one of the few Ukrainian trail races, whose main distance is 30 kilometers.


To register for the trail "Trail over Rossyu" you only need to fill out a special google-form and pay the entry fee - 300 UAH. The main distance of the trail runs through the surrounding territory of Bila Tserkva and is a total of 31 kilometers


The start of the trail race "Trail over Rossyu" was scheduled for 9:00 on Saturday. So I had a very busy and interesting Saturday morning, which I started with a trip to Bila Tserkva, where the trail took place. Just before the start, I got my start number.

The trail "Trail over Rossyu" began with a countdown, which ended with the start of interesting adventures on the trails of the Bila Tserkva. The route was very pleasing - I met many interesting locations and landscapes.

For the first six miles, the route ran in the shade of treetops. Therefore, overcoming it, in the beginning, was quite pleasant and easy. It was here that the first interesting location awaited the runners - an unsurpassed view of the quarry. At the seventh mile, the first checkpoint was set up, where runners could regain strength and refresh themselves.

The next checkpoint was about the twelfth mile. In general, the path to it ran along the banks of the river Ros. From the eighth to the ninth mile, the path passed through a small forest. Here you could see the literary-memorial museum. I.S. Nechuy-Levytsky. Those who wished could see the museum building in more detail.

The last section of the seven-mile route ran in the open. But here, too, the organizers took care and paved the route through interesting locations. Runners were waiting for the conquest of a small rock, a walk through the local resort and cornfield, and other attractions.

The last kilometers of the trail race passed through the oldest Ukrainian arboretum Oleksandriya. It was the last leg of the journey that was the hardest for me: I covered the last seven miles in about two hours, while the first twelve miles in two hours and seventeen minutes.


As well as autumn trail “Village Trail”, in which I took part last year, the race in Bila Tserkva "Trail over Rossyu" left behind only positive impressions and emotions. First, thanks to the excellent organization of the event, good labeling of the entire route, and food checkpoints, where volunteers treated runners to goodies.

It should also be noted that the organizers made sure that the trail was interesting and gave runners the opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery and see new locations. I was very impressed by the beauty of the Ros River, the surrounding fields, and groves. And at the end of the race, everyone was waiting for a walk in the famous park of Oleksandriya.