Трейлова прогулянка берегами Сухого  Кагамлика - "Kagamlyk Trail"

Trail walk along the shores of Sukhyy Kagamlyk - "Kagamlyk Trail"

New running season started quite actively for me, despite the current realities, namely restrictions due to covid. January and February were full of interesting running starts with distances of more than 20 kilometers. Therefore, I decided to take a short break in March before April and May, which are no less full of sports events.

But not to give up the competition completely, but to take part in some interesting running series that will take place in March in Ukraine. I have been looking for such competitions for a long time did not have to I immediately remembered the city of Kremenchuk and its running club "Kremen Style", which organized the trail series “Kremen Trail League”. It consists of four trail races at a distance of 5-10 kilometers. This is exactly what I needed.


My acquaintance with the trail series "Kremen Trail League" began with the first trail of the series called “Kagamlyk Trail”. You could register for it on the official website kremenstyle.com. For convenience, the organizers made two types of registration. Namely, you could buy a season ticket for the entire trail league, which cost 1,000 UAH, or register for each race separately. In this case, the cost of participation was 300 UAH for each trail. I decided to run all four trails, so I chose the pass.

маршрут трейлового забігу Kagamlyk Trail

Race route "Kagamlyk Trail” consisted of one circle with a length of 5 kilometers. It passed along the picturesque banks of the Sukhyy Kahamlyk River, which is a tributary of the Dnieper. The start was located near the water park "Polo", and then it went on along the paths of the "Ivushki" entertainment complex, a little along the streets of the city, and then over the river bank.


The start of the first stage of the trail series "Kremen Trail League", namely "Kagamlyk Trail", was scheduled for Sunday morning. Participants of the "Kagamlyk Trail" could receive their starting package both on the eve of the competition and on the day of the start. I decided to start my running adventures on Saturday evening, when I packed all my running things and left Kyiv for the city of Kremenchuk to meet new experiences.

біг в Кременчуці

Waking up on Sunday morning, I immediately went to the starting town, which was located on the territory of the "Ivushki" entertainment complex, and at the same time decided to take a short walk through the streets of Kremenchuk. Having reached the start town, where there were quite a lot of people, I immediately took my start number and changed. At 11 am, after a short briefing by the organizers, the starting signal finally sounded, and so my new running adventures began.

Kagamlyk Trail

"Kagamlyk Trail" turned out to be quite an interesting trail that impressed with its good organization and exciting route. It had quality marking along the entire distance. And for me personally trail race "Kagamlyk Trail" became the first official race with a distance of 5 kilometers. Therefore, it was a new and unusual experience for him in his running career.


The “Kagamlyk Trail” turned out to be quite an interesting trail with good organization and an interesting route that had good markings along the entire race distance. In addition, the "Kagamlyk Trail" trail became the first official race for me, where the distance of the race was 5 kilometers. Therefore, overcoming it was quite interesting and unusual.