Win Trail Ternopil

Win Trail Ternopil

In December 2018, the first one started trail race in the cool city of Ternopil "Win Trail Ternopil“, which has since been held annually at the end of the running season. During this period, it is known that runners have a certain calm, so the opportunity to participate in such a competition for each athlete is worth its weight in gold. “Win Trail Ternopil” was organized locally running community with the support of local authorities, active and caring people.

Information about the race


The slogan of the competition was: “Don't freeze - let's run together. The main goal of this project is popularization of running sports, involvement of amateurs and professionals in trail running, interesting party and exchange of knowledge and experience among runners. 

To participate in the trail race "Win Trail Ternopil” It is necessary to register in advance online on the site and pay a one-time fee. After that, each participant must receive a starter pack, in which he will find his own number, a map of the competition, and at the end of the race, souvenirs and a medal. 

The organizers also took care of numerous hydration and nutrition points throughout the distance, volunteer assistance and safety. Guests and participants during or after the races "Win Trail Ternopil” can warm up with hot tea with sweets, traditional Ukrainian borscht or mulled wine. There is always a fun and pleasant atmosphere. So, you will not regret taking part in this event.


A feature of this race, like any other trail, is its route. This is a mountain road that passes through the winter forest.

During the trail race "Win Trail Ternopil" there were two distances, for more experienced runners - 21 kilometers with a height of 590 meters and for beginners - 7 kilometers with a height of 300 meters. There is a limit of up to 100 participants for each discipline. There are usually a lot of applicants, and not only local athletes, but also guests from other cities and even countries.