Навкруги ставка - "Ternopil Half Marathon"

Around the lake - "Ternopil Half Marathon"

Our life is filled with a kaleidoscope of interesting experiences and events. Unfortunately, however, not everything we plan can be put into practice. Such setbacks do not force one to lower his hands, but on the contrary, become an impetus to find something better that can be a better replacement for unfulfilled plans. This happened to me as well - I was planning to take part in one event, but fate had made up for me so much that I had to look for something else to replace. Everything that is not done is for the better - so I was not at all upset by such a forced change.

In June, I returned to Kiev and began my search for tradition interesting running events, that will happen in Ukraine in the near future. Half a marathon attracted your attention at once "Ternopil Half Marathon", which is being held (you guessed it) in the city of Ternopil. I was interested in this half marathon because its route runs near the city center on the shores of the picturesque lake.

After running "Leiden Marathon” I rested for a few days and returned to active training at the most beloved Victory Park. I didn't expect anything grandiose from a regular provincial marathon: when it came to running, it seemed like it would just be a regular highway race. But our lives are filled with unpredictable events, with which there are sure to be “buts” that often surprise and give even more exciting emotions. The half marathon in Ternopil was just such an event for me.

On Saturday at 2:34 pm I left for Kiev from the central station in Kyiv. The train journey was easy, and I was fortunate enough to meet a few runners who also went to the "Ternopil Half Marathon" and marched with them about their favorite hobbies. I dedicated the rest of my time to rest and sleep.

I decided not to look for housing in Ternopil because there was no need for it. The train arrived at about ten in the evening, and it was necessary to leave by number at seven in the morning. So I stayed the short night in the lounge at the station, and decided to spend time immersing myself in an interesting book. Time flew by quickly, because I had not read such a fascinating book for a long time - it was a novel by Ukrainian writer Laura Podgornaya called “Ombre. Over Darkness and Light ”- her style reminded me of Dan Brown's wonderful novels.

As morning dawned, I set out to get my "Ternopil Half Marathon" participant number at the City Theater. Along with the license plate were handing out a backpack, campaign leaflets and, unexpectedly, pasta. Why do you ask pasta? In fact, I didn't understand it myself, because it was the first time I was waiting for such a gift in a marathon set. Next was dressing up for sports and preparing for the start of the half marathon.

The last instructions and wishes for the participants were heard at nine in the morning and everyone went to the starting point of the track, which was 21 kilometers long. The shot was fired and the runners set out to overcome the marathon.

The half marathon route ran around the Ternopil Pond - two laps had to be run this way. At the beginning of the route there was a decent, which was a plus on the one hand, and a minus on the other, because before the finish it was necessary to run up a small hill. Further, the track lay on the side of the pond - this is where the same "but" that I mentioned at the beginning began.

Everyone ran down the flat road near the pond, then turned right, where the most pleasant surprise was waiting for us - a climb up the stairs. Running the first lap, it was not easy to climb the stairs, and the axis of the second lap can no longer be said. The next "but" was that the route also lay in the woods, where the road was not smooth and "pleased" with a considerable number of descents and ascents. After jogging through the woods, runners paved this way along the pond. There were 6 degradation stations along the route of the "Ternopil Half Marathon" - 3, 7, 9, 12, 16 and 18 kilometers. The finish and launch pad were combined.

The organization of the event and the work of the volunteers were top notch. As for me, this kind of track will be ideal for preparing for a marathon in the mountains, because during its passage all the "attractions" of the road are felt. Although there were private sectors and residential quarters along the half marathon, no one supported the "Ternopil Half Marathon". I was very upset because taking part in similar races in other countries, the support of the residents was just crazy and very motivating to keep running. Only single spectators met in Ternopil. I very much hope that this will be rectified and that the residents of the city will actively support the marathon runners in the coming years.

I couldn't help but notice one more thing - there were a few runners on the track, which made it possible to get high speeds. This was particularly noticeable in the first lap of the race. In the second lap, participants began to stretch - sometimes I didn't even notice someone in front and behind. It motivated me to accelerate, because to run is somehow uninteresting. I think with the increasing popularity of this half marathon in Ternopil participants will become more and the race will become more lively.

In general, I was positive about the "Ternopil Half Marathon" - it has to do with the organization of the event and the track itself. The fourth half marathon I participated in was a happy one because this is the first time I've been able to overcome the whole journey in less than two hours. This is what made the "Ternopil Half Marathon" special for me.