Яблуневий край - "Tarczyn Półmaraton"

Apple land - "Tarczyn Półmaraton"

To sum up your first year of hobbling and discovering new autumn season, I decided to attend the "Tarczyn Polmaraton" in Poland. Why did I choose this half marathon? There were three reasons for that at once. First, the event took place near Warsaw in a small town, so getting there was not easy. Secondly, the marathon track was classic - one lap. Thirdly, this half marathon was held for the eighth time, and for me it would be the eighth race in practice - such a match made me very happy. I was also curious about the level of organization of such events in small towns in Poland.

I went to Kyiv from Warsaw by train. He left the "Warsaw West" station and immediately transferred the bulk of his luggage to the station luggage compartment, taking with him only what was needed to attend the half marathon. It is possible to reach the town of Tarczyn where the race took place by bus for 7 zlotys (about 45 UAH) in just 20 minutes. The check-in was due to start at 4:00 pm, so I decided to shorten my time walking the streets of the town.

Participation in “Tarczyn Polmaraton” cost me 85 zlotys (somewhere 550 UAH). At the gym at the local gymnasium, he got his starter pack, which included a participant's number and a chip, as well as a Pepsi bank. Separately, you could still buy a branded T-shirt. But it was more difficult to resolve the issue of overnight accommodation, as the nearest hotel was located 10 km away. from the starting town.

After picking up the participant's starter pack, I decided to mash my way to the hotel. The road to it took me 2 hours, but the city was very beautiful and its scenery brightened my way. The hotel was gorgeous and very beautiful - it was struck by interesting old European architecture. It seemed like this was not a hotel, but an old mansion, located near two picturesque lakes.

The start of the "Tarczyn Polmaraton" half marathon was scheduled for 10 am. So he quickly settled into the hotel, got a little acquainted with the beauty of the surrounding area of ​​the estate, and went to rest.

He got up very early, had good breakfast with sandwiches and a glass of delicious juice. I didn't want to walk on foot and run, so I called a cab and headed to the starting point. After changing his clothes and putting his things in the storage room, he started to wait for the half marathon to start.

Adult participants were asked to take part in the 10 and 21 kilometer races. There were also special races and relay races for kids. Started separately - initially started the participants of the half marathon, and after them, everyone else started. The "Tarczyn Polmaraton" route has proven to be very straightforward - just one paved circle with ascents and descents that sometimes appeared along the way.

The beginning of the route passed the city center, skirting around its square. In the central square of the marathoners met a huge pyramid, which was laid out of ripe bright apples. Further, the path passed through the streets of the town and directed the runners to the apple orchards. In just 24 minutes, I was able to overcome the first 5 kilometers - joining a group of participants who maintained a very good and comfortable pace for me.

The first hydration station met at the fifth kilometer - here I quenched my thirst by drinking a little isotonics and water. After the first station, I decided to slow down because I wasn't ready for the 1 mile pace in 7 minutes - I realized I wouldn't be able to stretch for long enough at that pace. In 64 minutes, I had completed another 7 miles. At 8 kilometers of the track at the hydration station, once again got drunk with water and isotonics. Other stations were located 12 and 16 kilometers.

The race was accompanied by many turns. At each of the runners were greeted by firefighters and indicated where to run next. Volunteers usually do this, so meeting firefighters was unusual. Traffic on the half marathon was limited only partially by firefighters and local police.

Despite the fact that the event has been held for the eighth time, it cannot be said that it is very mass and popular. No more than 300 runners participated in the 21km distance. Most of the participants were from Warsaw and other cities in Poland. But you could also meet runners from Ukraine, Germany, Spain and Macedonia. At the finish line, participants were awarded medals and treated with apples and delicious drinks. When crossing the finish line, the names of the participants and the city where they came from were announced.

The medal was in the shape of an apple - having received his, he rested a little and went on his own things. Everyone was able to have a salad and pasta with meat in the gymnasium, where the starter packs were distributed. After a grueling race, it was very appropriate, so I did not refuse to eat. After the rest I went to a stop to go to Warsaw. The half marathon “Tarczyn Polmaraton” in the picturesque apple-tree town of Tarczyn left me with very pleasant and wonderful memories.