Cracovia Polmaraton

Cracovia Half Marathon

Half-marathon in Krakow, "Cracovia Polmaraton" is a good opportunity to test your own strength and endurance at the half-marathon distance, get a good running experience, meet other participants, and also see the former capital...

Bieg Lechitow

Bieg Lechitow

I accept this white eagle as the coat of arms of my people, and I will build my castle around the oak tree, and I will call it the Nest after the eagle's nest. "Bieg Lechitow" is the only such competition in…

Polmaraton Walbrzych

Walbrzych Half Marathon

The "Walbrzych Half Marathon" in its modern form, as we are used to seeing it now, was revived in 2012 with certain features. Firstly, they concern the route, the start and finish of which was moved to...

Генеральна репетиція - "Gdynia Polmaraton"

Dress rehearsal - "Gdynia Half Marathon"

Running trip to the city of Gdynia and participation in the local half-marathon, Gdynia Polmaraton, the route of the half-marathon passes through the territory of the city, where the participants can enjoy the local architecture, in addition, the half-marathon has an excellent organization.