У пошуках повороту  - "Весняний ліс"

In search of a turn - "Spring Forest"

Participation in the race "Spring Forest" was waiting for me right away, namely the next day, after I ran half marathon in Slavutych. The distance was short - only 11 kilometers, and the race itself was held in the forestry of Brovary. Such a format as "two-day", when you run two races one after the other, I already tried in February. Then he ran 12 kilometers in a winter race “Winter Cross”, and the next day - conquered 24 kilometers of winter trail “Wild North Way”.


Learning about what the running community of Brovary plans to hold spring race, at the same time hurried to register to take part in it. Apparently, someone will ask why I decided so, because the previous similar race "Autumn leaf" accompanied by some shortcomings. Yes, the organization of that race was not perfect, but I wanted to see if the organizers corrected the mistakes "Autumn Leaf" and how they arrange other events.

Registration was carried out on the website athletic-events.com. Without thinking for a long time, I registered immediately. And here I was waiting for a pleasant surprise in the form of a starting number - I had the honor to run at number 1.

The road to the starting town

I got to the starting point by minibus 404, which departs from the metro station "Lisova". The starting town was spread on the territory of forestry, in the same place where it was during the half marathon "Autumn Leaf".

Starting numbers started to be issued on the eve of the race, but that day I ran a half marathon in Slavutych, so I couldn't pick up my number in time. I received it on the day of the event "Spring Forest" trail. Here I had a pleasant meeting with an old acquaintance O. Rekal, who was preparing for the relay at that time.


Trail route "Spring Forest" it consisted of one circle and resembled the number 8 in its shape. The first half of the route was the same as during the half-marathon "Autumn Leaf".

The organizers gave a simultaneous start for participants in the distance of 5.5 and 11 kilometers, and those who ran the relay, started separately. Before the start of the race, a warm-up was held and only after that the start signal of the spring trail sounded.

Last time I ran one tricky turn, so this time I decided to get to it as soon as possible so as not to miss it. I was glad that the organizers took care of this turn and it was impossible not to see it. The route was well marked, so no one got lost. All problematic turns were supplemented by volunteers who actively pointed the runners in the right direction.

"Spring Forest" Trail was more exciting for me than a test of speed. Therefore, do not rush to run the trails, enjoying the beauty of the spring flowering forest.


He received wonderful impressions and good memories from the trail "Spring Forest". Surprisingly, every turn was easy to find, so it was easy to run, because there was no way to get lost. The organization was good even despite the complexity of the route, which was in the form of the number 8. Very good was the work of volunteers who did not allow participants to get lost.