Sosnivka Trail

Sosnivka Trail

“Sosnivka Trail” - is an annual trail race that has been held in Kremenchuk at the end of March since 2017. It is part of the running series “Kremen Trail League”. The program includes two races for two distances of 10 and 5 kilometers.

Information about the race


Everyone who plans to take part in the Sosnivka Trail trail race should submit their application on the official website of the trail race. 


The "Sosnivka Trail" trail race takes place in the green zone of Kremenchuk, starting from Michurina Street and ending at the third embankment. According to the organizers of this sporting event, its distance is classically cross-country. The trail route consists of two laps (flat terrain in the forest belt), with asphalt, sandy and dirt paths, and viscous sand.
біговий маршрут Sosnivka Trail

The track is well-marked and is constantly attended by medics and volunteers who are ready to help the participants at any time.