Silesia Marathon

Silesia Marathon

“Silesia Marathon” - one of the most outstanding Polish marathons. The peculiarity of this running event is that it has a unique route that passes through the territory of four Polish cities (Silesian metropolis), which has no analogues in Europe. The marathon runs through the streets of such cities as Katowice, Chorzow, Siemianowice-Sląskie and Myslowice. Every year the marathon becomes the most outstanding event in Silesia. In addition, the "Silesia Marathon" is one of the largest marathons in Poland.

International route approval “Silesia Marathon” speaks of his high organizational level. The race is one of the races run by the International Marathon and Street Racing Association (AIMS). The marathon is held annually under the auspices of the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Information about the race


On May 3, 2009, the first start of the marathon was given “Silesia Marathon” at the stadium in Chorzow. The following year, the race was limited to one city and the route ran through the streets of Katowice. In 2011, the organizers changed race route so that it runs through three cities at once, namely Chorzow, Siemianowice-Silesia and Katowice. The following year, 2012, this route ran in the opposite direction.

The finish line of the race in 2017 was moved to the stadium "Slaski", so the marathon was returned to the route of its first start. In 2017, the race was held on October 1 - this day became an outstanding day for the stadium "Slaski", because on this day it was attended by a record number of people who came to support the marathoners - a total of about 10 thousand people visited the stadium.


Маршрут марафона

The "Silesia Marathon" has a very well-thought-out route, which runs along an asphalt road through the streets of several cities. The route itself is very well marked and has international certification from PLZA. Along the way there are a large number of hydration points.