Шкарівські Гірки

Shkarivski Hills

"Shkarivski Hills" - is an annual 24-kilometer trail race that takes place in late February in the village of Shkarivka, Kyiv region, near Bila Tserkva. Its main goal is to popularize running sports, active recreation and the development of small-scale tourism in small villages and towns in the Bila Tserkva district.

Information about the race


Registration for the race takes place in the same way as for any other similar competition, not only in Ukraine but also abroad, i.e. online. Participation in the competition can be confirmed only upon payment of the registration fee, the amount of which changes every year.


Trail race route "Shkarivski Hills" passes mainly through the village of Shkarivka and the surrounding area, the surrounding fields and forests. The track surface is dirt and the elevation is 490 meters. The starting point is near the recreational and entertainment complex "Shkarlovy Vary". The route is marked with red and white tape and signs with arrows, and there are also volunteers at the crossing points to guide the athlete in the right direction. At the 15-kilometer mark, there is a food and hydration point where each of the race participants can refuel with fresh water, isotonic, apples, black bread, cookies and other products.

маршрут трейлового забігу Шкарівські гірки

The main highlight of this trail race is an unusual way to overcome various obstacles that athletes encounter on their way. In particular, it will be possible to descend a mountain or cross a river only with the help of a rope. This adds adrenaline and pleasure to participating in such races.