Лісова пробіжка - "Salomon Winter Cross"

Forest running - "Salomon Winter Cross"

I wanted to start the 2019 running season with exciting and interesting races. When I started choosing an event to participate in, it caught my attention “Wild North Way”. Everything said that this is an interesting winter trail that will be the perfect start to the running year. But the day before the start trail “Wild North Way” Sergei Popov surprised everyone with a nice gift - a race “Salomon Winter Cross”which was to take place on the eve of the "Wild North Way".

I liked this gift, because thanks to it I was able to take part in two winter ones at once Ukrainian trails. So I had a goal to test my strength and endurance in these races. Due to the fact that the number of participants was set at Salomon Winter Cross, I did not wait and immediately registered.

There was no great desire to run in January, but I still forced myself to train before the races to prepare for them - I did a total of 15 workouts, because it was impossible to do without.

Registration and route

Site vseprobegi.org has already become a traditional site where you can register for Ukrainian races. Participants had the opportunity to choose one of the distances of 3 or 12 kilometers. The race route for 3 kilometers consisted of one lap, and for 12 - of two laps of 6 kilometers. He chose a distance of 12 kilometers.

Starter packs were issued on the eve of the race and a few hours before the start of the trail. I decided not to postpone this case and took my package the day before the start of "Salomon Winter Cross".

Running through the woods

Saturday morning was good weather for running. I arrived at the starting point at 9 o'clock. At this time, everything was just being prepared for the start of the running event: tents were set up, starter packs were issued, and so on. He decided to get ready for his first race in 2019 after getting acquainted with the beauty of the Vinogradarsky Forest.

The participants of the distances for 3 and 12 kilometers started separately - first those who had to run 12 kilometers (at 10:10 o'clock), and in a few minutes all the others. The route passed through the forest, on the way there were ascents and descents. The whole way was a dirt trail dusted with snow. He overcame the first round quickly - in just 35 minutes, which was a pretty good result.

The route markings were very good. It was impossible to get lost, because volunteers were waiting at all the turns and suggesting the right direction. But I still managed it, somewhere at the 7th kilometer I continued to run straight, not noticing the turn. So I ran about 150 meters, after which one of the volunteers stopped me and pointed in the right direction. The rest of the way I tried not to lose vigilance and follow the route. I finished in 1 hour and 12 minutes and felt quite exhausted, but with good impressions and a great mood, after conquering the trails of the winter forest.

After the finish

Despite the fact that the distance was short, as the first in the new running season, it turned out to be quite interesting. After the finish, participants were treated to treats of delicious pilaf, hot tea and delicious fruit, as well as exciting lotteries from the organizers. The organization of the race was good - it was immediately obvious that real professionals were responsible for this case. That is why the trail "Salomon Winter Cross" left only pleasant impressions and memories.