Огляд польських стартів під егідою "PKO"

Overview of Polish starts under the auspices of "PKO"

Having a huge experience of participating in many running competitions, I constantly encountered not only athletes from different countries of the world, but also sponsors. Some companies may financially support one or more races, and some do so on an ongoing basis. Polish bank "PKO" is one of such companies. Today we will talk about him and the measures he supports.

pko bank polski

Bank "PKO" is a company that has been promoting for a long time healthy lifestyle and running sports in Poland. It is not known how it happened that the company was interested in running.

But she writes about it like this: "Long distance running forms a person, develops him, teaches humility and persistence in achieving a goal. How does this apply to our bank? Every success is derived from a well-prepared strategy, proper allocation of resources and consistent execution of plans. People who run have a lot of calmness, enthusiasm and energy – these qualities are extremely useful both on the marathon course and in the banking environment, where the competition is equally fierce.”

біжимо разом

I met for the first time running starts, which took place under the auspices of the "PKO" bank in Katowice during participation in “Silesia Marathon”. It was my first half marathon in a career. The event itself left pleasant impressions, gave a lot of joy and energy. Later, I took part in several more races sponsored by this company. That's why there was an interest in what kind of events "PKO" supports. So I came across a program called "Let's run together". Вона об’єднує усі змагання з бігу пов’язані із польським банком, а саме:

In addition, "PKO" bank acts as a strategic partner of the nationwide "BiegamBoLubie" campaign, which allows all willing athletes to train at athletic stadiums under the guidance of professional instructors of the "Sports Education Foundation". As part of the "Biegam Bo Lubie" promotion, you can also get a free consultation from a trainer. In addition, during each race, funds are collected for seriously ill children under the "Biegne dla…" program. or "Pomagamy z kazdym krokiem".

біг незалежності

In 2020, the company launched a series of races called "Korona Slaskich Polmaratonow". It includes six half-marathons, which will be held in Živka, Katowice, Rybnik, Pekary Silezki, Bytom, Glivice. The cycle begins on March 29, when the half-marathon around the Zhyvitzky Lake in Zhyvka will start and will end on October 24 in Hlivitsy. Four out of six races must be completed to complete the KSP.