Цікава пробіжка з Рембрандтом - "Leiden Marathon"

Interesting running with Rembrandt - "Leiden Marathon"

Either way is capable of making special changes in the life of the one who steps on them.

I once had to travel from Antwerp (Belgium) to the city of Green Gora (Poland). Probably one of you would choose the easiest way - first to get by bus to the German capital - Berlin, and then transfer to a flight to Poland. But finding easy ways is probably not for me. I am well understood by runners, because what did I do first? True - I found out if there were any interesting races on the way in my journey.

After spending a few minutes searching for information on Google, I found exactly what I needed - a marathon "Leiden Marathon". Do you ask why this race has come to my liking? The answer is very simple - it was a good opportunity to see my old friend from my university days - he lives just 30 minutes from Leiden, where he runs. I decided not to miss out on such a good chance and combine these two pleasant things.

Since then, the full marathons were not running yet, so I decided not to register for the main distance, but for a satellite - half marathon - it cost me 60 € (about 1600 UAH). This cost included a running fee, a branded T-shirt and a Finisher medal. To get to Leyden, I first had to get to Rotterdam, where I would take the train traveling to my destination.

Annual Marathon «Leiden Marathon» was founded in 1991 by the Leaders Club
road of the city of Leiden. Your first experience in long-distance running
the club received at a marathon in New York. High level of organization and organization
the stunning atmosphere so impressed them that the Club decided
Organize your own race by taking the New York Marathon as an example. Every year, this event is becoming more and more large-scale and interesting, attracting many participants from around the world.

From the morning of May 26, I went to pick up my starter pack for the marathon participant. He had to get it in an area called "Pieterskerkhof" in the old church. The starter pack included a starter number, a starter T-shirt and a small backpack. After that, I went for a walk in the city to meet up with my friend later.

The rally was held on Sunday. So I woke up early at 7 am, drank a cup of invigorating coffee, and headed to the train station, where I took the train to Leiden. Having traveled almost halfway, it seemed to me that only one marathon runner went on the train. Due to the fact that the marathon participants went to the station a lot, it was easy for me to get to the start place - everyone was going there.

Dressing up and putting things in the storage room. After that, it was time to take a seat on the starting line. The marathon track partially covered the streets of Leiden and sometimes turned to
its surroundings. The slopes and climbs did not occur very often - mostly the route was flat.

Running was not as complicated as I thought at first, as the thermometer was showing 24 degrees. But the level of organization of the marathon was well demonstrated. Degradation stations were located approximately every 5 kilometers of the route. Another pertinent advantage was that participants were given foam sponges throughout the road, which saved them from the heat. In addition to the standard water stations, mobile irrigation stations were located along the route.

City residents helped runners with cool water from windows. During the half marathon, it seemed that all Leiden residents came out to watch this large-scale event and support its participants

The finish line was located near one of the city's many canals. After the marathon and half marathon, the participants were awaiting rest after a grueling run and various tastes, in which the organizers treated the participants of the race.

Everything has its beginning and its end, start and finish. But my finish did not become the arch of the Leiden Marathon. I was waiting for the train station and the train, in which many as happy runners as I was heading home.