Runa Run Trail

Runa Run Trail

“Runa Run Trail” - is an annual trail race that takes place in the Ukrainian Carpathians, namely near the village of Lumshory in September. This is running competition over rough terrain with an altitude gain of up to 1479 metres. 

Information about the race


The first edition of the mountain race “Runa Run” took place in 2020. The sporting event will include competitions in two disciplines at once: a 25 km run (the main course) for well-trained athletes and a 10 km run for beginners and amateurs. To register for the mountain race, you need to provide your personal data on the official trail website and pay the appropriate registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of registration and the chosen discipline. Upon arrival at the starting town, each athlete receives their own starter pack with a number, and at the end of the race they receive a commemorative medal, diploma and pleasant surprises in the form of festive treats, souvenirs, various prizes, etc.


The route of the mountain race runs through a rather difficult mountainous terrain with rocky paths, protruding roots, slippery muddy areas, ascents and descents with an angle of inclination of up to 60 degrees. The organisers of the competition offer the participants to climb to the highest point of Perechyn district - Polonyna Runa (1479 metres) and Vysokyi Verkh (1413 metres), where they can admire the beautiful views of the Solovey, Davir, Perestupin and Krutilo waterfalls, which are part of the Lumshory waterfalls group.

маршрут трейла runa run trail

After marking the control point on Polonyna Runa, the participants will have a steep technical descent to the finish line, running past the glacial lake Velyka Trustia. In general, the route of the main race consists of one lap with a gain in altitude and has three hydration points where you can restore your strength with various goodies or just water or isotonic. The finish line is in the village of Lumshory.