Risnjak Trail

Risnjak Trail

“Risnjak Trail” - is an annual 30- and 17-kilometer mountain race that takes place in early July in the Risniak National Landscape Park near the town of Crni Luh in Croatia. The competition is part of the running series Kvarner Trails Series” and "GTNS Croatia".

Information about the race


Registration for the mountain race “Risnjak Trail” is held in the traditional way for such competitions - online on the official website of the "Kvarner Trails Series". Everyone who wants to take part in mountain race must provide their personal data and pay a registration fee, the amount of which depends on the chosen distance and date of registration. Upon arrival at the starting town, athletes receive starter packs with their own numbers, and at the end of the race, commemorative medals and souvenirs.


The route of the mountain race consists of one lap. It starts at the It goes to Crni Lug, then goes to Horvatov through Veliki Rysniak, and then passes by the Medvezha gate and back to Krni Luh. The first half of the race is an uphill climb, and the second half is a downhill run.

map risnjak trail

The altitude gain on the main course (30 kilometers) reaches 1733 meters, and 915 meters for the 17-kilometer course, respectively. Along the entire route, athletes can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, mostly forest, followed by rocks. The view from the top of the mountain is simply unsurpassed. The route is well marked. It has 3 auxiliary food and hydration stations. There are also medics and volunteers on hand to help participants at any time.