Міні-подорож регіонами України - "Забіг у Пирогові"

Mini-trip through the regions of Ukraine - "Race in Pirogov"

How can people who love to run congratulate the country on Independence Day? Of course, bright competitions! Every year on August 24 or next to this date, the Ukrainian running community organizes themed holiday races, which not only draws attention to an important date for the country, but also makes an important contribution to the promotion of sports and active lifestyles.

In 2020, among all running events organized for Independence Day, decided to choose "Race in Pirogov". After all, it is held where the Ukrainian tradition is preserved - on the territory of the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. The place itself became a strong argument to stop your choice in this competition.

Just imagine: you run a distance, and around - our country in miniature. Traditions preserved in picturesque houses; colorful barns, wells and other attributes of the ancient Ukrainian village. The museum now has more than 300 monuments of folk architecture of the XVI-XX centuries. And some of them just fall into the route of the holiday race! Only have time to admire the beauty, overcoming your distance.

The race was organized the day before the national holiday - August 23. But a special solemn atmosphere was still present throughout the competition.


I just decided to go to “Race in Pirogov“, Proceeded to registration. It was possible to register for the participants of the holiday competition on the website athletic-events.com, which he successfully did. The organizers suggested choosing one of two distances: the main one for 10 kilometers and the satellite distance for 5 kilometers. Due to the fact that I often run half marathons, I chose the main distance of 10 kilometers.


"Race to Pirogovo" became for me the second competition in 2020, where I had to run around the museum. The first was the competition in February 2020 - on “Pyramids Half Marathon” in Egypt, which is held among a complex of world-famous pyramids preserved from the time of the pharaohs. But let's return to the race in Kyiv region.

In addition to the new format (in open-air museums), "Race in Pirogov" became for me a kind of quarantine test. During the period of forced isolation I had about 5 months to "rest" from running, so the competition was a control start after returning to running.

Of course, the most interesting thing started after the start at 10:00. The 10-kilometer race route consisted of two laps with mixed pavement: asphalt - off-road. Several ascents on the distance added to the drive. At a distance of 10 kilometers was placed one point of hydration - at the start / finish. Participants who chose 5 kilometers ran with us, although they overcame only one lap.

I managed to overcome the first half of the race in 28 minutes. And this, as for me, is quite a good indicator, given that for several months before the race I did not have much training. Overcoming the other half of the route is not so active. There was no longer any desire to climb, so this part ran slower than the first.

1 hour 5 minutes after the start I crossed the finish line. Was I satisfied with this time? Not to say that this result pleased me, but I understood that in the realities of 2020, such an indicator is also nothing, so I was not particularly upset. He ran, recorded his time and went to feast on female delicacies, which all participants were treated to at the finish.


The team that organized the “Race to Pirogovo” worked well - the event was comfortable for all participants from the moment of registration to the award ceremony. First, the route was successfully chosen. Both the terrain and the different types of coverage have become a good competitive element and an opportunity for everyone to test themselves in different conditions. Secondly, the well-thought-out infrastructure of the circle made the competition convenient for everyone. Third, the authentic location added a special charm to this festive competition. So then there were pleasant memories and good impressions.