Забіг "Осінній лист"

Run "Autumn Leaf"

The "Autumn Leaf" race is one of them the oldest half-marathons, held in Ukraine. Every year, despite different circumstances, on the last Sunday of October, this forest half-marathon gathers a fairly serious number of running enthusiasts who want not only to test their own strength in the half-marathon, but also to enjoy the autumn scenery and bright colors of Brovary forest.

Information about the race


Forest Half Marathon "Autumn Leaf" running competition at a distance of 21 kilometers, they took place for the first time in 1975. Their goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, sports and tourism. As part of the sports event, several running starts take place at once, the main races of 21 and 10 kilometers, as well as additional races of 5 kilometers, a Nordic walking competition of 5 kilometers.

забіг осінній лист медаль

Anyone wishing to take part in the "Autumn Leaf" run on the territory of Brovary Forestry can submit an application online on the website athletic-events.com, where they must enter their personal data and choose the discipline in which they plan to perform. Starting packages are issued on the eve of the race, starting from Friday (that is, two days before the start) in the city of Brovary or in Kyiv. It can also be done directly on the day of the competition from the very morning in the starting town.


Route of the forest half-marathon the 21-kilometer "Autumn Leaf" runs along the forest trails of Brovary Forestry and consists of two circles of 10 kilometers or so each. The half-marathon route is mainly dirt, and then it turns into sand with small ups and downs. There are also asphalt sections at the start and closer to the finish line. On each lap, there are two hydration points for refreshment and nutrition of athletes at the 2.5 and 7.5 kilometer mark, as well as doctors, volunteers and security. Participants of the 21-kilometer and 10-kilometer races start at the same time.

At the end of the race in Brovary Forestry, commemorative medals and diplomas await all athletes, as well as a treat with various goodies and a joint photo as a commemoration. In general, the "Autumn Leaf" half-marathon is this legendary race, in which every Ukrainian who likes running in nature in the forest should take part. It will give you unusual emotions and a lot of pleasant memories.