Pirogiv Trail Run

Pirogiv Trail Run

“Pirogiv Trail Run” - an annual trail race that is part of the series “Multiki Races” and takes place in May on the territory of Ukraine's largest open-air museum in Pirogovo (Kyiv region). This is not just another sporting event, but grand celebration of sports and active recreation in a picturesque location at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine.

Information about the race


Registration for the trail race “Pirogiv Trail Run” is held in the traditional way - online. Everyone must provide their personal data and pay a registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of registration and the chosen discipline. Upon arrival at the starting town, each athlete receives a starter's package with their own number, a branded T-shirt, a finisher's medal, and at the end of the race - a diploma, cash prizes, souvenirs, and awards.


The route of the trail race is a dirt road that runs through the museum. It consists of two laps of 5 kilometers in length.

pirogiv trail run

There is a food and hydration point on the track. It is well-marked and constantly attended by doctors and volunteers who are ready to help in any way: with advice, first aid, directing the athlete in the right direction, etc.