Premier Trail

Premier Trail

“Premier Trail” - a cross-country trail race that takes place annually in Kremenchuk in mid-April and is part of the running series “Kremen Trail League”. The goal of the running event is obvious: to popularize a healthy lifestyle and running sports, increase the interest of young people in active recreation and develop tourism. The competition program includes two courses: the main course of 15 kilometers and an additional course of 7.5 kilometers.

Information about the race


Registration for the trail race "Premier Trail" takes place online, as well as for other stages of the "Kremen Trail League". Upon arrival at the starting town, each athlete will receive their own starter pack with a number, and at the end of the competition they will receive commemorative medals, diplomas, and valuable prizes for those who take prizes. The competition is quite interesting and well-organized. Each athlete can not only test their strength on the course, but also admire the beauty of the surrounding nature and generally enjoy the atmosphere that prevails during the race in the starting town.


The trail race route consists of two laps of 7.5 kilometers each. The route is well marked and has a variety of surfaces from asphalt to dirt with sand.

маршрут трейлового забігу Premier Trail

The venue of the competition is the territory of Studenciy Park, and then the route goes along the Rynkovsky sand spit near the local quarry. There are several hydration and food points along the route, where each participant can refuel with water or isotonic, as well as various goodies to quickly regain their strength.