Poznan Half Marathon

Poznan Half Marathon

"Poznan Half Marathon" is characterized by a high level of organization, an interesting route that passes through the city of Poznan, so every year it takes more and more participants from different cities and countries. And this makes this half marathon quite a popular running event not only in Poland but in Eastern Europe as a whole.

Information about the race


Half Marathon “Poznan Half Marathon” began its history in the spring of 2008 and has since been held annually in May in Poznan. Throughout the history of its existence, it has become not just popular, but entered the top running events in Poland.

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“Poznan Half Marathon” included in running серій "Crown of Greater Poland Half Marathons" and "Crown of Polish Half Marathons". In 2020, for the first time in 12 years, the launch did not take place due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus. But in a year, a record number of participants gathered in Poznan. They competed not only in the main discipline - the 21-kilometer race with a time limit of 3 hours, but also determined the winners among athletes in wheelchairs and roller skates. 


Half marathon route in Poznan is circular and in 2019 received the certificate "Road Race Bronze IAAF". This is a road race that runs on a well-paved central and eastern streets of Poznań: through areas of the city such as: Malta, , Chartowo, Rataje, , Berdychowo, , Piotrowo, , Grobla and Garbary. At the distance there are 4 hydration points for 5, 9, 15 and 19 kilometers, as well as there are always volunteers who help with information and care for safety.

Маршрут півмарафона "Poznań Półmaraton"

To take part in the "Poznan Half Marathon" you need to register on the official website halfmarathon.poznan.pl, pay a fee of 95 Polish zlotys, and upon arrival at the competition to receive a starter pack. In it, each athlete has his own starting number, souvenirs, souvenirs. At the finish, participants are expected to receive medals in memory of participation in the race, as well as refreshments. Half marathon in Poznan - a good opportunity to get acquainted with the city of Poznan, its history and architectural monuments, enjoy not only running, but also test yourself for endurance, learn from other athletes and more. 

So, if you have not been to Poznan yet, we advise you to visit this city in the spring and take part in a half marathon, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.