Polmaraton Walbrzych

Walbrzych Half Marathon

“Walbrzych Half Marathon” in its modern form, as we are used to seeing it now, was restored in 2012 with certain features. First of all, they concern the route, the start and finish of which was moved to the central part of the city on Rynok Square. Secondly, the date of the "Walbrzych Half Marathon" has changed. Instead of May, competitions began to take place in August. After that, the popularity of the "Walbrzych Half Marathon" increases dramatically, so the organizers had to introduce a limit of participants to 2500 runners in 2016, then the "Walbrzych Half Marathon" was included in "Crowns of Polish Half Marathons".

Information about the race


The history of "Walbrzych Half Marathon" began on May 27, 1995. Running clubs from two districts of the city - Piaskova Mountain and Pidzamche decided to organize a real holiday for lovers of a healthy lifestyle and running. The route of the first version of the half-marathon ran from the stadium on Piaskova Gora to Pidzamche, and then around the district and back to Piaskova Gora. Running competitions then they gathered not a very large number of participants - only 21 athletes expressed a desire to run half marathon distance. But already in the next season, many foreign athletes applied for participation, including runner from Ukraine Volodymyr Kotov. It was he who became the winner of the second half-marathon in Walbrzych, and the following season he repeated his feat again.

In 1998, the organizers decided to hold the race at night, which was positively received by the runners. Seventh in a row half marathon race "Walbrzych Half Marathon" took place with significant changes. It was completely moved to the Pidzamce area, and the route was approved by the PZLA league. The 12th edition of the half-marathon in Walbrzych was last held in Pidzamche, after which there was a long 5-year break.

Walbrzych Polmaraton start

In 2012, the half-marathon in Walbrzych was resumed. In 2017, the half-marathon route received its final form, which remains to this day. It consists of two circles of 10.5 kilometers each, passing through the center of Walbrzych, the start and finish are located on Magisterska Square. The limit of participants was increased to 3,000 people.


The route of the half-marathon in Walbrzych is a well-paved road running through the streets of the city. It is PZLA certified and fully branded. There are three hydration points on each lap at the 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, and 16 kilometer mark.

Маршрут забігу "Półmaraton Wałbrzych"

As for the features of this distance, it is quite hilly for a road race, the maximum elevation gain on the track is 455 meters. The start and finish of "Walbrzych Half Marathon" are located on the Market Square of the city of Walbrzych. The time limit for covering the distance of 21 kilometers is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Registration for participation takes place online on the official website.