Забіг у Пирогові

Race in Pirogov

The race on the territory of the Museum of National Architecture and Life in Pyrogovo takes place every year and is dedicated to Independence Day. The organizer is the largest running club – "Top Runners", which promotes a healthy lifestyle and familiarity with ethnic traditions. It running holiday usually gathers more than a thousand amateur athletes from different parts of Ukraine. They must be dressed in traditional Ukrainian national clothing - a vyshyvanka, and those who do not have one can use branded t-shirts with a national ornament, which are issued at the start.

Information about the race


To participate in "Racing in Pirogov" you must submit your application on the website or the official Facebook page of the event. Participation is paid. The size of the registration fee depends on the date of registration and the chosen discipline. Upon arrival at the starting town, athletes receive starting packages with their own numbers and branded T-shirts, and at the end of the race, commemorative souvenirs, diplomas and medals await all participants.


The "Race in Pirogov" route passes through the picturesque area of the world's largest open-air museum, where the best monuments of national architecture and everyday life from different regions of Ukraine are collected. The start of the race begins near the central fair square of the Pirogovo Museum. The route is partly asphalted and partly paved with stones with small differences in height up to 60 meters.

маршрут забігу у пирогові

That is, the route is not difficult and is mostly in the shade of trees, so it is a pleasure to overcome it. This is one of the the most picturesque races in Ukraine.