Петропавлівський напівмарафон

Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon

"Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon "Chayka""athletics run, which has been held since 2018 in the village of Petropavlivska Borshchahivka near Kyiv, at the Chaika autodrome. This is one of the few races in Ukraine that has a huge variety of distances and formats of participation. Among them are not only individual, but also several short children's, relay and corporate. Separately, as part of the half marathon, there are even competitions in Nordic walking.

In the program "Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon", in addition to the main distance of 21 kilometers also provides races for 10 and 4.5 kilometers, for children races for 100 meters - up to 6 years, 300 meters - 7-9 years and 500 meters for children aged 10 to 12 years. For juniors (13-17 years) race for 3 kilometers. In addition, a 21-kilometer relay (1x7.597 km + 3x4.5 km) is provided for running teams. And fans of nordic walking can test their strength at a distance of 4.5 kilometers.

The start of the main distance and satellite races is separate. Everyone who is properly trained and has no contraindications from doctors is allowed to participate. Admission to the half marathon requires sports insurance or a certificate from a doctor.

Information about the race


The first "Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon "Chaika"" was held in 2018. Then the competition provided half marathon distances for individual and team participation, shorter 10 km and 4.5 km, as well as children's starts. For juniors and Nordic walking, the organizers offered distances of 2 kilometers. Even participants of the Olympic Games, the then chairman of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine and boxers-Olympic champions were registered for the first half marathon!

The third “Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon “ Chaika”, which took place in 2020, was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Petropavlovsk-Borshchahiv Village Council.


The route of the "Petropavlivsʹkyy Half Marathon "Chaika"" runs directly through the territory of the autodrome of the same name and the adjacent streets of Petropavlovsk Borshchahivka. The start and finish are located on the racetrack. The starts of the half marathon and satellite races are separate. The main circle has a length of 4.5 kilometers.

There are three hydration points along with the race distances, the fourth is located directly in the starting town. In addition to the infrastructure created directly for the races, there is a festive zone on the territory of the racetrack - an exhibition and sale of sporting goods, a food zone, a beverage zone.