Palma Marathon

Palma Marathon

"Palma Marathon" is an annual marathon race held in October in the picturesque Spanish town of Palma de Mallorca.  

Information about the race


The marathon has a rather long history, this year its 19th edition took place. “Palma Marathon” is one of the most popular and widespread marathons of Spain. In marathon in Palma more than 10 thousand athletes from 50 different countries of the world usually take part. As part of the running event, there are races of 9 kilometers, a half marathon and the culmination is a marathon. A limit of 6 hours is set for overcoming this distance.


The marathon route is a well-paved track that runs along the embankment, through the old historical part of the city. Therefore, participation in such a race is a good opportunity to enjoy good weather and the beauty of the surrounding architecture and nature, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a wonderful ancient city. Маршрут складається з двох кіл. На кожному з них передбачені пункти гідратації та харчування. Траса має гарну розмітку і сертифікованою міжнародною асоціацією легкої атлетики.

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The running event has a high-quality organization. exceptionally well-equipped starting town and food stations, the organizers took care of security, the constant presence of medical personnel on the track, as well as visitor centers. There, constant entertainment, music, dancing, etc. await them. After the end of the competition, each athlete receives commemorative souvenirs and awards, and the prize-winners receive cash prizes.