Вражаючі перегони з перешкодами України

Impressive obstacle course race in Ukraine

So it's time to turn my attention to an interesting type of competition - the obstacle courses, and at the same time take a break from road and trail races. It's a good opportunity to try something new for yourself, where you have to not only run but also overcome various obstacles. So, I've prepared a list of all the obstacle courses I know that are held in Ukraine. But first, we need to understand what obstacle courses are.

Obstacle course races or OCRs (Obstacle Course Race) are a distance of 5 to 30 kilometres with numerous challenges. Most often, such events are held on rough terrain, and the obstacles can be different: overcoming high barriers, climbing through muddy ditches, carrying heavy objects and falling into icy ponds. In general, participants have to go through real fire, water and copper pipes.

In Ukraine, obstacle races are represented by five brands: international "Spartan Race", "Race Nation", "Strong Race" and "Legion Race" and national "Dyka Gonka". Let's start our acquaintance with obstacle races with those that are more professional and allow to qualify for the World and European OCR Championships, namely: "Spartan Race", "Race Nation" and "Dyka Gonka".

  • Distances: Spartan Sprint (5 km / 20 obstacles), Spartan Super (10 km / 25 obstacles), Spartan Beast (20 km / 30 obstacles)
  • Categories: Standard, Elite

“Spartan Race” - is a series of obstacle races that originated in the mountains of Vermont and was created by world-class athlete Joe De Sena. The series includes races of three distances: Spartan Sprint (5 km / 20 obstacles), Spartan Super (10 km / 25 obstacles), Spartan Beast (20 km / 30 obstacles). The competitions are held in the USA and have a franchise in 30 different countries, including Canada, South Korea, Australia, and several European countries, including Ukraine. Main features. “Spartan Race” is to hold an annual world championship, and to qualify, men and women must finish in the top five in the US Championships series or regional championships in their respective category.

  • Distances: 5 km / 20 obstacles, 10 km / 25 obstacles, 20 km / 30 obstacles
  • Categories: Standard, Elite

Racing “Race Nation” - is a specially designed obstacle course that allows athletes and amateurs to test their strength and fortitude, as well as endurance and physical fitness. The obstacles are associated with ascents and descents, water, mud, sand, cold, height, balance, moving objects, fire and physical exertion, etc. The Race Nation brand was created in Ukraine, but since 2016 it has become international, as in addition to Ukraine, Race Nation races are held in Kazakhstan. In addition, participants of the Race Nation race have the opportunity to qualify for the World and European OCR Championships.

  • Distances: Wild Mile (1 mile / 15+ obstacles), Daring Five (5+ km / 20+ obstacles), Crazy Ten (10+ km / 25+ obstacles), Power Half Marathon (21+ km / 30+ obstacles)
  • Categories: Pro, Age, Open

“Dyka Gonka” - this is Ukrainian a series of obstacle courses, combining three types of activity: cross-country running, overcoming dizzying obstacles and dealing with the challenges of nature. Participants will run, climb, jump, overcome both artificial and natural obstacles and make their way along stunning routes. In addition, participants of "Dyka Gonka" have the opportunity to qualify for the World and European OCR Championships.

Beginners who only want to get acquainted with this discipline and have no idea what obstacle courses are can try their hand at "Strong Race" and "Legion Run".

  • Distances: 5 km / 15 obstacles, 7 km / 18 obstacles, 10 km / 20 obstacles
  • Categories: Amateurs, Professionals

“StrongRace” - a series of obstacle races that takes place over rough terrain, where participants, in addition to running, need to overcome a certain number of obstacles.

  • Distances: 5 km / 15 obstacles
  • Categories: Fans

“Legion Run” - is an approximately five-kilometre, team-orientated race with obstacles in the form of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire, which is held in various countries around the world. In Ukraine, it is a 5km run with 15 obstacles. It is an ideal option for amateurs who are just starting out in this sport.