Nyvky Winter Cross

Nyvky Winter Cross

“Nyvky Winter Cross” – an annual trail race held at the beginning of the running season in Kyiv, namely in Nyvka Park.

Information about the race


To participate in “Nyvky Winter Cross” you need to leave your application. Registration is carried out until the limit of participants for the 9-kilometer race is exhausted, it is 200 people, and for the 3-kilometer race - 150 people. At the same time, you need to pay the registration fee, the amount of which varies from 200 to 320 hryvnias and depends on the selected distance. The organizers of the trail race also hold a prize lottery for all athletes based on their starting numbers, so everyone has a chance to receive an additional gift or souvenir.


The race route passes through a picturesque area, namely Nyvka Park. The course of the main distance of 9 kilometers consists of three circles of 3 kilometers each with a mixed surface. That is, there are areas on the route with asphalt or paving stones, tiles or ground cover. There are also small ascents and descents with a height gain of no more than 50 meters.

маршрут трейлового забігу Nyvky Winter Cross

The start of the participants of the 3- and 9-kilometer races is separated from each other: first, athletes start at a distance of 9 kilometers, and in an hour - at a distance of 3 kilometers.