Night Marathon-Fest

Night Marathon-Fest

“Night Marathon-Fest” - Ukrainian marathon, held every year on the waterfront in Vyshgorod in late June. Their main highlight of the night marathon in Vyshgorod is the night time of the race. This is one of the few races in Ukraine that takes place at night.

Information about the race


"Night Marathon-Fest" is a running competition, which was created in 2004 on the basis of the legendary night marathon "Kyyivsʹka Rus". And since then the marathon has become quite popular among Ukrainian runners. 

Night Marathon-Fest

Each participant receives commemorative medals and gifts, and the organizers treat all guests with craft beer and other delicacies. Night marathon fest in Vyshgorod - a simultaneous combination of sports and entertainment, a good opportunity to test your strength and level of training at different distances, a place where you can get an unforgettable experience of new acquaintances and fun with friends and like-minded people, those who really love running.


Маршрут забіга "Йоль"

Route "Night Marathon-Fest” is circular and runs along the Kyiv Sea on a well-paved road. The marathon includes not only the 42.195-kilometer race, but also other races: the half marathon, the 8.4-kilometer race - the shortest distance in these competitions and the Ekiden, the corporate relay race. marathon distance 42 kilometers. The start traditionally falls at 18:00, when each athlete must receive from the organizers a starter pack with their own number. Start of the race at 23:59 and it will last 6 hours, in parallel with the concert and grill party. So, the guests of the race will not have to be sad. Food and hydration points, medical staff and security are provided for participants throughout the route. If desired, the organizers can provide transportation for those who can not get to Vyshgorod on their own.