Коли не спиться - "Night Marathon-Fest"

When not sleeping - "Night Marathon-Fest"

Once again searching among announcements of Ukrainian races something new and interesting accidentally came across a night marathon "Night Marathon-Fest“, held in the city of Vyshgorod, Kyiv region. Back in 2017, I first learned about what happens "night" marathons, but I didn't have to get into this race. I was very interested in this marathon because I wanted to take part in something unusual and new as opposed to traditional events.

For a long time, he decided to sign up for the "Night Marathon-Fest" cross-country event and at the same time purchased a branded T-shirt. Saturday evening, having collected all the necessary equipment for the backpack and went to the metro station "Heroes of the Dnieper", where the participants were waiting for a pretty yellow minibus, which was prepared by the organizers of the race for participants from Kyiv and had to take me to the city of Vyshgorod.

Having received his participant number “Night Marathon-Fest” “2125” and changing his clothes. And since there was still a long time to start, it was a sin not to admire the beauty of this beautiful place and take memorable photographs. For me, any race is a great opportunity for new interesting acquaintances with the same fans of running. Wandering the waterfront, I met Alexander Rekola, an avid runner who also came to participate in the marathon. The new acquaintance turned out to be such an interesting interlocutor that I did not notice how quickly the hour had passed.

"Night Marathon-Fest" is an unforgettable event where you can meet beginners and celebrities
runners, take part in a unique night marathon, get distracted by the enchanting
music show, taste the most delicious street food and the best craft beers, as well as meet the dawn of the dawn over the Kiev Sea in an atmosphere of celebration and noisy fun.

The race route itself ran near the Kyiv Reservoir. The launch venue for the "Night Marathon-Fest" was organized right on the waterfront, where participants could sign up, get starters, and keep their things in the cameras. A stage was located near the launch pad. But unfortunately, that night was not very fortunate with the weather.

The race started at exactly 00:00. At midnight, all the participants - half-marathon, marathon, and relay - started. The route of the route ran in circles - the length of the full circle was 4.2 km. The participants of the half marathon had to run 5 such circles (21 km.), And those who ran the full marathon - 10 circles (42 km.). The route itself was flat, but there was only one strain - the turns.

I don't really like to run in circles, but despite that, running became very interesting and unusual: this is exactly the route that showed the disadvantages of my preparation for the marathon. I have never followed any particular program - just running in the usual and comfortable rhythm. But overtaking the girl in bright red leggings, I noted to myself that she adheres to special tactics. The rhythm of her steps depended on the heart rate - the girl was constantly monitoring the heart rate with a heart rate monitor.

In the last circle of forces I was almost gone, and the same girl, by contrast, became easy to gain pace. This participant with her red leggings sat in my memory for a long time - I could not catch up with her despite my efforts. So I decided to also buy myself a heart rate monitor and learn how to run properly, focusing on my heart rate - a girl in leggings showed me clearly what good results can be obtained.

Having reached the finish of the "Night Marathon-Fest", I received the medal of the participant. He picked up his backpack from the luggage compartment and watched the other participants finish. There I met my new acquaintance and together we rested from the run, talking about running, until it was time to go to the bus stop and go home.